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Voice assistants

Chart of the Week: Changing customer behaviours driven by technological developments are seen as offering the biggest opportunities and challenges to marketers

The change in customer behaviour driven by technological developments is the biggest trend that marketers believe will offer the biggest opportunities and challenges in digital marketing. A new survey from ClickZ found that over half (50.7%) of US marketers believe that new tech leading to changes in behaviour is the marketing trend that people need to pay attention to over the next 12 to 18 months. Technology like voice assistants, as well as continuous changes to social media, offer a range of opportunities to target new audiences or offer easier ways to shop. However, each technological advance brings with it a unique set of challenges that marketers also need to deal…

Chart of the Week: 43% of brands strongly agree that voice ordering offers e-commerce brands a big opportunity

The majority of e-commerce brands view voice ordering as an opportunity rather than a threat, suggesting that e-commerce companies should start to look at incorporating it into their future sales strategy. According to Feedvisor’s new survey, 43% of brands strongly agree that voice ordering is an opportunity, with a further 26% saying they somewhat agree. In comparison, when asked if voice ordering is a threat for e-commerce brands, just 27% said they strongly agree that it is while 18% said they somewhat agree. A total of 55% said that they either somewhat or strongly disagree that this form of ordering is a threat. This shows that there is still some confusion as to whether voice assistants are…

Chart of the day: Amazon has become, quite easily, the dominant player in voice purchasing with 90% of all spending, according to research by OC&C Strategy Consultants.

The research also showed what customers are using home voice assistants for, which is shown in the chart below. Over 6 in 10 (62%) consumers in the US who took part in this survey, have bought something at least once using their voice assistant. Most customers who use voice assistant for purchasing have bought electronics, entertainment-related products or grocery products. Clothing and furniture might be quite difficult to purchase, due to sizes and styles, as these categories are less popular. From experience, it's easier to ask Alexa to add butter (including brand name) to your basket than "oak coffee table" especially when you might not know what the coffee table looks like. …