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The best digital marketing research across marketing channels - including SEO, PPC, CRO, social, mobile, martech, email, ecommerce, and UX - to help inform your 2019 marketing strategy

Because the state of digital marketing is always evolving, it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest research in your industry, or marketing channel, to stay ahead of your competition. Yet, it can often be difficult to find the digital marketing research you need to help inform your digital strategy. We first curated these stats at close 2017. But during 2018 and 2019, we've been committed to updating this article using the best digital marketing research data sources which the team at Smart Insights have found helpful and informative throughout the year. Hopefully, this will help you too! [si_guide_block id="5676" title="Download our FREE Resource – Digital Marketing Plan Template" description="Our popular marketing planning template built on the Smart Insights…

Digital marketing, simply put, cannot be ignored

No one can be found disputing the power of effective marketing. After all, if a marketing and advertising campaign are executed expertly, it can serve the requirements of any business and grow the demand for the product or service that they offer. While the need for marketing is still present, the areas where marketing is most effective has improved a lot. The rapid growth in the field of digital marketing has launched a new era of human engagement throughout every aspect of life. For industries that are business-centered, the combined effect of digital technologies in promotion and marketing has proven to have a high value for online trade and distribution. Since the world today is witnessing the feasibility of the digital era, marketing strategies involving the utilization of electronic media are prioritized in today’s business approach. Trends of a digital scene including personalized & unique content,…

Chart of the Week: 39% of marketers believe that optimizing the customer experience is the biggest opportunity for businesses in 2019

The importance of good customer experience is hard to deny. Offering good CX helps to increase traffic and conversions, as well as the number of customers who return to your brand and talk positively about it.

Putting the customer first

With there being so many benefits to improving customer experience, it’s no wonder that it is seen by marketers as a great opportunity. In fact, it is the single most exciting opportunity for organizations in 2019, according to the latest Digital Trends report from Econsultancy and Adobe. A total of 39% of survey respondents cited ‘optimizing customer experience’ as the biggest opportunity for their organization this year. When broken down, customer experience is seen as…

Evaluating technology options for innovation in marketing - do you know your Hype Cycles?

If you're involved in marketing strategy development, you will be constantly making judgements and doubtless arguing with colleagues about which digital technology innovations are most relevant to your organization. In this article, we compare different examples of Gartner's well-established Hype Cycle tools which serve to highlight the adoption of new technology services within marketing technology. You'll see we have updated the post for different years, so you can see how technology trends have changed as techniques like content marketing and personalization have moved along the Hype Cycle. [si_guide_block id="81859" title="Download free member resource – Digital Marketing Megatrends" description="Learn how to get an edge in the year ahread by deploying the latest marketing techniques that businesses of all types need to consider to stay competitive."/]

The latest digital marketing Hype Cycle

In December 2018 Gartner published their latest digital marketing and advertising Hype…

Our review showing examples of the latest innovations in digital media, technology, and data to support digital transformation

We love reviewing innovation in marketing. It’s interesting to see ‘what’s hot’ and ‘what’s cool’, but to keep it practical and actionable as we like, we’re equally interested in which communications and transformation techniques will make the biggest commercial improvement for businesses. A good example of the commercial impact digital technology and media can have is Dominos. I recently heard about the impact of digitization of Dominos from Dave Wild, their UK CEO at Technology for Marketing / E-commerce Expo. Dominos UK only took its first mobile phone order in 2010 when online sales accounted for less than 30% of revenue. Eight years on, Dominos have a market share of more than 50% with digital transactions accounts for more than 80% of sales and the UK smartphone app accounting for more than two-thirds of those…

New research highlights activities from the top performers

Joe Pullizzi and team over at the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) have been doing a great job in tracking trends in content marketing over the years. I still think of content marketing as a relatively new label for a marketing technique that has existed as long as print (see this video history of how content marketing has evolved from 1895). Yet it’s now ten years since I first read ‘Get Content, Get Customers’ by Joe, which was the first call-to-action to modern content marketing that started the latest trend.

Content marketing management trends for 2019

The latest trends and success factors for the year ahead are highlighted in this research, which focuses on B2B marketer responses, but highlights content marketing strategy success factors relevant for many other organisations. These are highlighted by categorisation of respondents by ‘top performers’ who characterizes his or her organization’s…

Digital marketing trends 2019: What should you be looking to integrate in the coming year

When it comes to mobile technology it is important to be ahead of the curve when adopting trends. These tech updates are often beneficial for marketers. We are going to look at the landscape of mobile as we move closer to the new year to help you beat that curve. I'm going to give you the top mobile tech trends that will be prominent in 2019 to continue our trends series that Dave Chaffey kicked off earlier this month.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Big brands like Google and Apple showing breathtaking new AR (augmented reality) demos on iPhone 8 and iPhone X are proof that AR is going to be the game of 2019. With the most recent arrival of ARKit 2, Apple is providing developers and organizations with an improved platform to…

In 2018, 77% of Realtors do not have a blog

Creating content is essential for marketers and thought leaders. The NAR study lists on average, 77% of realtors do not have a blog and only 13% plan to have one in the future. SEO remains a key factor in organic searches which drive leads. Realtors that have a blog usually have at least 6 years’ experience or more in real estate. Less experienced realtors can benefit highly by incorporating a blog in their marketing activities.

Only 26% of Realtors have their own website

Developing and maintaining a business website is important for SEO and organic web traffic. 42% of realtors have a website that was provided by their firm while only 26% or realtors have their own website. In building brand awareness, having a website that is maintained…

Digital marketing trends 2019: The Martech landscape in the coming year

When it comes to marketing technology it is important to be ahead of the curve when adopting trends. We are going to look at the landscape of Martech as we move closer to the new year to help you beat that curve. I'm going to give you the top 5 martech trends that will be prominent in 2019 to continue our trends series that Dave Chaffey kicked off earlier this month. [si_guide_block id="81859" title="Download FREE Resource – Digital marketing megatrends" description="Megatrends across the 5 pillars of marketing today which every business should action."/]

1. Voice is going to continue to rise

The advances made in recent years in the fields of natural language processing, conversation interfaces, automation, and machine learning and deep learning processes have enabled virtual assistants to become increasingly intelligent and useful. Almost one-third of the…

Predictions, trends and what to look out for in UX and CRO in the year ahead

More businesses than ever are running Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) programmes and User Experience research are going mainstream. With CRO and UX in the limelight, what do industry experts predict will happen next? Good user experience is driven by user research and good CRO testing methods combined lead to higher revenues. The result of both higher sales and happier customers. But these worlds are huge, in the UX world there are designers, researchers, strategists and in the CRO world it’s not much different. This is why our trends post covers a lot of ground, from research, to operational trends and beyond. Let's go straight into the trends, first with a prediction from myself, after that, we cover CRO, research, and content UX trends.

1. Quantitative user research becomes the focus

User research was founded in qualitative research principles and methods,…

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