Digital marketing conversion model spreadsheets

These Microsoft Excel spreadsheets have been created by Dr Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights to help you improve leads and sales and make the case for more investment in digital marketing.

They will allow you to set realistic goals based on the volume, cost and quality of traffic that you're driving from search engine marketing, display advertising, affiliate marketing and online PR.

Dave developed these spreadsheets on consulting projects and to help students prepare digital budgets for case study assignments when he was examiner and tutor on the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing for the Institute of Digital and Direct Marketing. They have been downloaded by tens of thousands of professionals to create annual or campaign budgets and students at universities and other qualifications like the CIM Diploma in Digital Marketing and Google Squared.

They are now available to Smart Insights premium subscribers.

Different worksheets cover:

  • E-marketing planning and budgeting models spreadsheet
  • Ecommerce return on investment
  • Multichannel lead generation and sale modelling
  • Email marketing modelling
  • Revenue potential for online publishers and startup businesses (Expert members)