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Smart Insights Templates include

About Smart Insights Templates

What makes our templates different?

The Smart Insights system for digital marketing improvement includes many templates to help you plan and manage your marketing. The templates are Word or Excel checklists to help you review a company's approach to digital marketing or Excel calculators and models to enable you to better plan digital marketing.

All our templates are:

  • Focused on improvement –  Each template will support you to review current ways of working and recommend improvements.
  • Available in Word or Excel – Supplied in the most commonly used apps, they can be imported into other programmes.
  • Provided as an unbranded template –  Unlike our guides, these templates are plain, so you can easily modify to add your own company logo
  • Field-tested – Dave Chaffey and the authoring team have years of experience in online marketing, we know the questions that need answering, so that's we include

How will the templates help me?

Our templates are designed to be used as "live documents" to help you and your team when planning or managing digital marketing.  This is how our guides help:

  • Company owners and marketing managers - many of templates cover planning and strategy.
  • Digital marketing and Ecommerce managers - as well as planning and strategy you can audit specific digital channels like search or social media marketing with our templates.
  • Digital marketing specialists - templates are available for each of the main digital channels, so whether you work on Social media marketing, SEO, PPC, email marketing or conversion rate optimisation for the website there is a template to help. If there isn't, get in touch and we can develop one .
  • Consultants and agency specialists - review your own techniques and process against the best practice templates to help you provide structured insights and recommendations for clients.