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Smart Insights how-to video include

About Smart Insights "how-to" screencasts

What format do our clips use?

These clips:

  • Are screencasts – voice-over video clips with the presenter walking you through using the best free web tools to analyse and improve your marketing.
  • Are "bite-sized" – from 2 to 12 minutes so it's quick to get up-to-speed.
  • Use an embedded Vimeo player - which works on PC,Apple and Smartphones (including iPod/iPad).
  • Are for Expert members only - only available when you're logged on to Smart Insights.

These screencasts aim to not highlight the obvious, but instead give you the details to help you use them effectively. Here's an example - each page has several related "How-tos" to make them quick to review.

How To Video Example

How will the training video help me?

These screencasts will help you depending on role:

  • Company owners and marketing managers - In-depth on-demand, at-your-desk training provides training for your team on the latest tools without the cost of travel or high individual training courses.
  • Digital marketing and Ecommerce managers - review these clips in a group to discuss ideas.
  • Digital marketing specialists - you may know these tools already, but will get ideas on how to use them differently or confirm your knowledge.
  • Consultants and agency specialists - checkout the tools we recommend to improve your analysis and client recommendations.