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Optimisation to improve your digital marketing

We aim to provide business owners, marketers and digital marketing specialists with the best tools and information to get better results from their online marketing.

These are the tools we've created to help you. They're designed to help if you want to improve online marketing whether you work for a company, marketing agency or as a consultant:

  • Interactive audits - our questions score your capabilities and advise on key areas to improve
  • One minute guides - introducing you to the core digital marketing tactics
  • 7 Step Guides - No-nonsense guides you can use to check and plan your strategy
  • Checklists - Quickly review your current approach to find your weaknesses and opportunities
  • Templates - Create plans to improve your online marketing
  • Video tutorials - Watch as we explain how to get the most from your digital marketing
  • How-to tutorials - Our screencasts show you how to get the most from digital marketing tools
  • Webinars - Learn as we explain the latest approaches to online marketing