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A summary of the main updates and new concepts in digital marketing and E-commerce

If you have bought or are using Dave's books - thank you! To help readers of my books, this site has hundreds of articles with the latest updates on best practices, statistics and examples.

My recommendations on this page link to some of the most popular articles on Smart Insights which give more detail or the latest developments in digital marketing, digital business and e-commerce that may not yet be available in the books. The updates then feed into future editions of the books.

On this page you can:

My personal blog site and What's New in Marketing podcast

See for a comprehensive digital marketing glossary aimed at students, that gives more detail than possible in my books on key concepts in digital marketing strategy.

My monthly What's New in Marketing podcast covers the latest developments in digital marketing.

Other resources

Pearson education support site

If you're a lecturer or student, the Pearson catalogue site gives access to lecturers materials and examination copies for the different books. These include Powerpoints and instructors manuals for lecturers who register:

Routledge support site

Routledge has inspection copies and an Ebook version available for Digital marketing Excellence.

Downloadable slides on Slideshare

My latest Powerpoint presentations on digital marketing can also be downloaded from Slideshare (open-access). See also the Smart Insights Slideshare.

To help students develop plans we have made key templates and spreadsheets useful for assignments available free to Smart Insights basic members. We're keen to support students of digital marketing and E-commerce in their careers, so we offer a substantial discount on Expert membership - contact us for details.

Updated concepts for 2019 - with new visuals:

These visuals are available in my summary of 2019 digital marketing trends

Latest editions of Dave's books

Here are the latest editions of my books, written with my co-authors PR Smith and Fiona Ellis Chadwick.

Updates on key concepts covered in book chapters

These pages give updates and examples since the previous editions and more in-depth guidance than possible within a book.

Each link will take you to a page showing relevant quick guide on the topic showing our latest posts highlighting developments and related links. If you want to scan all 200+ free quick guides for the whole site, see our sitemap of best practice quick guides.

If there is anything else you would like to see included here, or if you have other questions (but not assignment questions please), do let me know.

Digital marketing and marketing models

To help support students and professionals studying digital marketing Annmarie Hanlon has developed two guides explaining the classic models. Any one can access these freely if they register as a Basic member on Smart Insights.

Digital strategy

Students may find our Word template for digital marketing strategy useful for case studies. We also have weekly updates on digital marketing strategy developments.


A small selection of videos to show how technology changes consumer behaviour

Case studies

See posts tagged:


Updates on the latest statistics on consumer and business adoption and usage of the Internet and other digital technologies.

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Contact me via our contact form or connect with me on your social network of choice to follow my social media media updates on the latest in digital marketing.