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Using Google Analytics To Improve Online Marketing

Get more value from Google Analytics with our guide for marketers

About our Google Analytics Guide

There are many books on Google Analytics, most of which do a good job of explaining setup and where to find the different features and reports. Our guide also steps you through the setup stages, but focuses on how you use Google Analytics to get better business results – the missing link in most books and the Google documentation.

Our guide is designed to help companies, consultants and agencies review how they setup Google Analytics and then apply it to get better results.

This guide features:

  • A 10 step review of Google Analytics setup an customisation
  • Guidance on the features which many companies fail to use
  • Advice on the reports and measures that REALLY matter
  • Recommendations on how to use Google Analytics to increase visits and conversion
  • All examples covers the latest major 2013 updates to Google Analytics
  • Workbook format makes it quick to review and decide on the changes you need to make to improve your online marketing results.

What does the Ebook include?

The 7 steps covered are:

  • Step 1. Setup and customisation
  • Step 2. Marketing Campaign tracking
  • Step 3. Working with reports to find opportunities and problems
  • Step 4. Understanding your visitors
  • Step 5. Improving reach
  • Step 6. Improving journeys and site engagement
  • Step 7. Improving conversion to lead and sale

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