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Omnichannel marketing planning guide

How to get started with omnichannel marketing for the e-commerce and retail industries

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Omnichannel marketing planning guide

Customer expectations have changed a lot over the past few years. In fact, we live in the ’age of the customer’ – the age in which customers are more empowered than ever, they have more knowledge, and also bigger expectations.

That’s not to say that customers are suddenly feeling more entitled, but rather that disruptive companies and technologies have changed their expectations and they’re now looking for businesses that can give them what they want or need. If a business can’t deliver, they have the Internet, they have social media, and they can likely find a better alternative.

So, how do you compete in the age of the customer? What exactly are these new customer expectations? Particularly when it comes to retail and e-commerce businesses? The short answer is: they want an omnichannel marketing experience.

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