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What's Hot In Digital: January 2017

The Smart Insights View

Keep up with the latest changes in digital marketing by taking a look at some of the most important blogs, news, updates and resources from the last month.

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The Smart Insights View

Need to know about the latest changes that matter in digital marketing? Here, Dr. Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights gives his personal assessment of the most significant changes this month.

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The Politicisation of Advertising

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Instead of focusing on the next shiny thing to come over the horizon, I thought it would be valuable to look at a major long-term trend that will have an impact on marketing not just in 2017, but over the next 5-10 years. I speak of the growing politicisation of advertising.

Doing more with less time: The promise of content automation

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Email Marketing Expert Dan Grech explains his one goal for 2017: 'Do less'.

Evergreen marketing quotes to inspire your 2017 strategy

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To inspire action, we have put together some of our favourite marketing planning and strategy quotes, so you can take some time out of your busy schedule to prompt some long-term thinking about planning and strategy.

The BIG Platform Changes

To maintain visibility of your brand and grow engagement with your online audiences you need to keep on top of the latest features and algorithm updates big five technology platforms, that's Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. These platforms innovate relentlessly, with new changes daily. We monitor these and here alert you to the changes that really matter so you can assess the relevance of these to you.

Google starting to penalize sites using pop-ups [@Smartinsights Alert]

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Google has begun penalizing the rankings of mobile sites with "intrusive interstitials" (Pop-up ads or email capture lightboxes)

Google announces its ‘Crawl Budget’ rules

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Google reveals what factors influence your sites crawl budget and what you can do to boost it

Snapchat seeks to entice marketers to its ad platform with two new features – Deep-linking and autofill

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To capitalise its growing audience especially in the over 18 age group Snapchat is trialing two new features to improve the return marketers gain from ecommerce and lead generation marketing campaigns.

Instagram begins to introduce ads to its new ‘Stories’ feature

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Instagram has just announced it is beginning the processes of letting advertisers make use of the large audience its newish 'Stories' feature has been able to generate since its launch back in the summer of 2016.

LinkedIn redesign simplifies site and puts focus on content

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LinkedIn are rolling out their biggest site re-design in their history

Instagram rolls out Live video to all

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Live video is now rolling out to all Instagram users globally.

Sharing your questions and comments

We're keen to help by answering your questions, so anything that's bugging you do ask via our Answers forum or your preferred social network. Here's the pick of the Q&A for this month - do get involved and share your expertise too!

What is Chaffey's marcomms mix?

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Dave's Answer: It identifies 8 core digital marketing communications plus offline comms to simplify the creation of a digital marketing plan. These days, these form the toolkits in our Expert member’s area.

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