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Marketing technology and media innovation guide

Eight innovative techniques to consider

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Marketing technology and media innovation guide

The unrelenting innovations in digital technology give businesses many opportunities to gain a competitive edge and position brands as innovative.

With so many different innovations available, it’s important for marketers to be aware of the latest opportunities and for businesses to have a process for selecting the most relevant technology to actively innovate by putting cutting edge techniques into practice.

Yet equally, it’s easy to be led astray by new technology developments or what Jeff Bezos of Amazon has described as ‘shiny object syndrome’. Constantly chasing the latest trends can detract from building a comprehensive strategy and prioritised roadmap. In short, it’s imperative you plan in advance to capitalize on the latest technologies where they can benefit your business, but also not become over-reactive where you attempt to make use of every fad without reviewing its business case.

This resource aims to showcase some of the exciting innovations while also advises on the selection process.

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