What's Hot In Digital: April 2019

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Keep up with the latest changes in digital marketing by taking a look at some of the most important blogs, news, updates and resources from the last month.

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The Smart Insights View

Need to know about the latest changes that matter in digital marketing? Here, Dr. Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights gives his personal assessment of the most significant changes this month.

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Product reviews have big impact on shopping behaviour

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30% of shoppers believe that product reviews from people like them display understanding from retailers.

The bad, the worse and the ugly of influencer marketing

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How influencer marketing can fail if you chose the wrong influencer, channel of promotion and don't understand the audience you're targeting.

Applying the inverted triangle principle to content marketing

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Stand out, get noticed and engage your audience with the inverted triangle principle.

3 content marketing videos every brand should create

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Your digital marketing should use the communication mode your prospects prefer: videos. By producing compelling brand origin, segment-specific and explainer videos, you’ll stand apart from the competition.

Tools and templates for your next campaign

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An effective campaign plan has an engaging, shareable, campaign concept which utilizes both online and offline marketing communications tools and digital media channels.

How to write evergreen blog content that will rank on Google

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Leverage your company’s content marketing strategy with evergreen articles to drive more traffic to your blog.

The BIG Platform Changes

To maintain visibility of your brand and grow engagement with your online audiences you need to keep on top of the latest features and algorithm updates big five technology platforms, that's Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. These platforms innovate relentlessly, with new changes daily. We monitor these and here alert you to the changes that really matter so you can assess the relevance of these to you.

Twitter’s new reporting tool and Google’s Avengers Easter egg – News roundup

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Twitter's new reporting tool ahead of elections, LinkedIn's new 'services' feature, Facebook suing a company for selling fake 'likes', Instagram replacing travel brochures, Sri Lankan blocks social media following terrorist attacks, Snapchat seeing user recovery and Google adds fun Avengers-themed feature.

Stricter UK social media rules and Twitter abusive content – News roundup

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UK government setting stricter social media rules for children, Twitter addressing abusive content, UK marketing budgets increased at the start of year, Ryanair offers ad space on boarding passes and Amazon fake reviews giving search boost.

New algorithms and rules seek to address harmful online content – News roundup

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Instagram to stop recommending 'borderline' content, the UK government is proposing new rules for social media companies, Amazon Alexa conversations being listened to by people, Netflix is testing new subscriptions in India and Lego named as the UK's favourite brand.

Sharing your questions and comments

We're keen to help by answering your questions, so anything that's bugging you do ask via our Facebook members' group or your preferred social network. Here's the pick of the Q&A for this month - do get involved and share your expertise too!

Buyer personas

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Are buyer personas still relevant? They are essentially made up people, is this the most effective way to target based on made up intel?


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What's your favourite Email Marketing Platform?

Google Ads

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I lead marketing for multiple educational organizations (all part of the same group) and currently have one Google Ads account for all organizations.

The organizations have different URLs, but some have different products targeted at different audiences.

Bearing in mind targeting ads for conversions and optimization, should I create separate ad accounts for each institution and product/service under a manager account?

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