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How will this Masterclass Library help me and my business?

In 2022 we launched a new benefit in the form of a quarterly Masterclass to say thank you to our Business Professional Members. Each quarter we host an in-depth webinar on a popular, requested topic by an expert speaker. Our most regular speaker - Dr. Dave Chaffey - is co-founder of Smart Insights, recognized by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as one of 50 marketing ‘gurus’ worldwide to have helped shape the future of marketing, and author of 5 bestselling marketing books.  

Use this library to catch up on Masterclasses you’ve missed, or to rewatch previous sessions to refresh your memory and improve your digital marketing skill set. You can also test your understanding with the short skills tests included in each module. 

How is it structured?

We’ve built the Masterclass Library using our Learning Path structure to help you make the most of each session and your learning. 

For each Masterclass we host, we’ll create a bespoke module on that topic containing the webinar video, useful learnings and a quiz to test your knowledge. You’ll also find links to pre-register for our upcoming Masterclasses.

Every time we host another Masterclass, we will add it to the Masterclass Library so keep coming back to make sure you don’t miss anything! We will group sessions together by content themes to make it easier to find useful guidance and advice.

The Library is separated into these topics and modules:

Topic 1: Content marketing

  • Masterclass: Growing your business with content marketing optimization

Topic 2: Customer data and Analytics

  • Masterclass: Using Google Analytics 4 to improve marketing effectiveness

Topic 3: Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Masterclass: Integrated digital marketing strategy and planning

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