Ecommerce - Reimagining your ecommerce experience

Ecommerce - Reimagining your ecommerce experience

Digital Marketing for the Ecommerce Sector

Customer Lifecycle Marketing for ecommerce business' involves a huge number of touch points across the customer journey. To achieve your goals you need to utilise a range of both online and offline activities. Using the ecommerce lifecycle marketing model, could you optimize your customer experience to deliver a first class Omnichannel marketing strategy & drive more sales from new & existing customers?
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Lifecycle Marketing Model

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Plan, Manage and Optimize your digital marketing for ecommerce success

To create a seamless buyer experience for your customers you need to consider the whole ecommerce lifecycle. Our ecommerce toolkit is focussed on helping you do just that. The best practice resources guide you through the process of increasing the sales and profitability of your transactional ecommerce business.
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Ecommerce Stories

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“Without e-commerce, it would simply be impossible to show customers worldwide such a wide diversity of leather goods and all its design possibilities. However, with all the benefits of e-commerce, there are also a few downsides that online retailing cannot address, and that is the ability to allow customers to touch and feel our products before making a purchase.”

Jerry Lee -

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“There are so many factors when it comes to successful eCommerce but the two most important rules are: 1) remember that you are selling product not a website and 2) think like the consumer. Too many times we have had to fix eCommerce stores that were cluttered with graphics, pictures and ads with their actual products buried amongst it all."

Benjamin Surman -

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“Like every online retailer, we had an issue with cart abandonment and really felt like we were leaving sales on the table. We had to find a way to close the deal, but it can be hard. It can be just as hard to turn one-time customers into repeat business. Receiptful helped us overcome this challenge and find great success with abandoned cart recovery.”

Issac Cohen - JNCO

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