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Define acquisition budget and plan

Learn how to create a structured plan and budget to boost awareness of your brand, products and services and encourage purchase

Module purpose

No matter how marketing techniques change over time, every company must remain focused on this simple fact: customers are the lifeblood of business.

Creating and growing demand for our products and services requires a constant focus on the fundamentals – finding the best marketing mix to effectively communicate value and target the right audiences in the right way in the right place at the right time.

To do that successfully you need to take a strategic approach to customer acquisition as we introduce in this module.

Our online customer acquisition budget spreadsheet will help you build a detailed monthly budget and targets for digital channels.

How is the Learning Path structured?

  • Objectives
  • Online customer acquisition
  • What is your allowable CPA?
  • Improving you acquisition model using CLTV and attribution
  • Forecasting returns from paid media investment
  • A four-step process for your online acquisition budget allocation
  • Summary

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the essential parts of an online customer acquisition plan and budget
  • Follow a process for creating an annual online acquisition budget

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This module is in the RACE Practical Digital Strategy Learning Path

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