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Customer Onboarding Guide

Improve your customer onboarding experience to boost satisfaction and loyalty

About our Customer Onboarding Guide

Online customer onboarding is essential to developing brand loyalty and advocacy. Before you can achieve these goals you have to deliver a good impression and develop the customer feelings for the brand.

Since onboarding communications are the first a new customer will receive, these are particularly important to set the right tone and give a good first-time impression.

Remember that after a purchase, buyers may get post-purchase dissonance to contend with, so using the right type of experience, communications and connecting users with your support and service team will help to increase customer lifespan. This guide recommends 7 key steps to improving the onboarding process.

What does the guide include?

The guide will recommend:

  • Advice on how to use online channels for welcoming new customers to showcase brand and product value and provide a good experience to adopting a new product or services
  • Best practice tips on using digital communications to encourage loyalty and advocacy building on initial onboarding.
  • 7 types of best practice to improve the onboarding process

Specific areas of onboarding that the guide covers which you can apply to your business include:

  • Encouraging initial and repeated use of an online service
  • Welcome emails
  • Product registration
  • Post-purchase support

How to access the Customer Onboarding Guide

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Resource Details

  • Authors:  Dave Chaffey
  • Last updated: November 2015
  • Format: 3,000 word guide with strategy recommendations, best practice tips, tools and examples. This online guide is a topic which is part of our actionable Digital Marketing Elearning course.

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