ChatGPT Prompt Cheatsheet for Marketers

An A-Z of all the top prompting tips you need to maximize ChatGPT's output for marketing

ChatGPT Prompt Cheatsheet for Marketers

ChatGPT and the opportunities of using Generative AI for marketing roared into prominence with the release of ChatGPT. It soon became the fastest ever adopted new technology used by both consumers and business people.

It has remained popular, particularly with marketers, and is an essential tool for many. Like any tool, there are best practices for its use, and we hope this guide will help highlight them for you.

How is this guide structured?

The cheatsheet is structured in the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • An A-Z glossary of ChatGPT features and techniques with tips and examples which you can check against those you currently use and could use in future.
  • Marketing applications/use cases and examples of prompting:
    • Strategy and planning
    • Web copywriting
    • Email marketing
    • Search marketing
    • Social media marketing
  • Tools - covering our recommended free and paid tools, including ChatGPT alternatives

How did we create this list?

We believe that ChatGPT works best as a collaborative writing assistant to save time, but at the same time, produce better copy. Not simply as an automation tool for generating copy - you have to apply your own intelligence to improve its quality. 

We started by prompting ChatGPT to create the Glossary:

Prompt: “Write a glossary of terms for features and techniques for using ChatGPT titled: The A-Z of Prompting with ChatGPT for copywriters”. 

This was a great starting point, but didn’t include some of the less obvious, more advanced features of ChatGPT we wanted to pass onto you, such as custom instructions, templates, temperature and TLDR.

So we took the original list, used Regenerate to get 26 more ideas and have added to it to with our own ideas to include some of the more advanced practical techniques marked by *.

It is updated for 2024 to include some of the latest new features from OpenAI.

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