The content marketing matrix [new infographic]

Generating ideas of content types to engage

We’ve had this graphic on a Post-It note in our office for months; it’s a natural follow-on from our inbound marketing funnel infographic.  We created it to help your own brainstorming on content ideas to engage customers and encourage sharing.

Though we’re fans of Eloqua’s Content Grid, which inspired this, we think it’s a little too ‘B2B’ orientated, and their v2 is pretty complicated.

Our matrix, is structured to help you think through the dimensions of different content based on how your audience might think and what you’re trying to achieve as a business. What will work where your audience are more or less impulsive or rational? What does that mean for content creation and marketing goals? Depending on the quadrant(s) that you feel drawn to for your audience, it offers a starting point for your ideas generation.

When reviewing the potential of each content type, you should also think about its potential to attract inbound links to your site to help with SEO.

We’ve grouped our previous infographics as a free download if you’d like to print or view enlarged versions.

We hope this new infographic adds a fresh perspective to your content marketing. As always, we’d love to know what you think.

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  1. Good stuff! I will be sharing!

  2. Normally I just read this content from my RSS, but I wanted to follow through to this post and comment to let you know that this is fantastic! Such a great resource. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to comment Mike and Kane – we’ve had good feedback on the networks too. No suggestions though, so must “hit the spot”.

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  5. Really great piece- given me some very good inspiration right when I need it!

  6. Really great piece- given me some very good inspiration right when I need it!

  7. So simple but eloquent! Thanks — this will be very handy!

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  11. Amazing, we at will do our best to use this formula :) We’ll keep you posted!

  12. Love this – I thought Eloqua version should have been organized to flow bottom left to top right – you just did something different. I’m not sure I think evrything is quite so mutually exclusive, but visually it works great.

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  20. I have to say that I love this content matrix and it has certainly pulled things into sharp perspective! What I would be interested to know however is: “Is there a particular skew in terms of where a B2B content marketers content matrix should look?”

    • Glad you like it Jonathan,

      I find it the most useful of our infographics when I use it in workshops.
      I’d say that often B2B is bottom left quadrant = play it safe, but the matrix should prompt marketers to think more top left where there is likely to be more cut through.
      The steps I advise are:

      1. Add to the chart what you do now.

      2. Add competitor content marketing activities.

      3. Brainstorm what you could offer in future.

      4. Rinse and repeat!


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  27. Thanks for the infographic.

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  31. Really useful info and matrix thanks.

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  50. How can i download it in .eps?

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  52. can I get the referance please? I can use it for my project?

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