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Marketing technology offers fantastic opportunities to grow your business using 'cloud services'. Yet with thousands of competing vendors it can be difficult to know which are the best solutions to form the 'martech stack' for your business.

To help simplify your decisions about technology and create a long-term roadmap, Smart Insights offers members a range of resources to help you review your current and future use of marketing technology. These are structured around our RACE planning framework for the customer lifecycle, so it helps you take martech decisions based on marketing and customer communications needs.

Our resources will also help you define the best marketing technology stack; the combination of different software services or tools used to run all marketing operations including customer acquisition, conversion, retention, team communications and to deliver market insight and reporting.

Learn the best combination of martech to support ALL your marketing activities

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With competing technology solutions from thousands of vendors, it can be difficult to understand the options for creating a future-proofed martech stack. This toolkit offers you the opportunity to audit your martech investments through mapping the categories of marketing technology against your marketing communications requirements using the Smart Insights RACE planning framework.

The toolkit also offers recommendations on the marketing applications of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. There is a lot of media hype about these, so we focus on practical applications which are relevant for businesses today including sector reviews for retail, travel and financial services.

This toolkit will support you in these essential marketing technology and innovation activities:

  • 1. Create a long-term martech roadmap
  • 2. Review options for creating ‘single view of customer’
  • 3. Assess the relevance of Artificial Intelligence applications to your business
  • 4. Evaluate Return on Marketing Technology (RoM)

Armed with our Marketing Technology and Innovation Toolkit, the world’s top marketers use our unique approach to develop winning Marketing Technology and Innovation strategies.

Marketing Technology and Innovation Toolkit

Includes templates, ready-to-use strategy documents, step-by-step guides and resources that will help you create optimized strategies that deliver HUGE results.

  • Marketing Technology
  • Marketing technology and media innovation guide 2017

    About this guide

    The guide starts by covering management techniques to assess the importance of tech trends by looking at:

    • Scenario Planning
    • Impact Probability Matrix
    • Gartner’s Hype Cycles

    What’s inside?

    The technologies covered in the guide are:

    • Virtual Reality
    • 360 Video
    • Chatbots
    • Augmented Reality
    • Geo-location
    • Internet of Things
  • AI and Machine Learning for Marketing

    About the guide 

    The guide aims to help businesses of all sizes embrace Machine Learning to benefit marketing efforts. All businesses can use widely available technology to improve their marketing. The guide explains why, how with an actionable and practical approach.

    What’s inside the guide?

    The guide is structured into the following sections:

    • Introduction
    • Artificial Intelligence Applications for Marketing
    • Machine learning for Predictive Analytics
    • The business potential of applying machine learning to predictive data analytics
    • The fundamental Principles of machine learning
    • Common mistakes when using machine learning
    • Planning an Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning Project
    • Case Study: Propensity modelling of Smart Insights’ leads
    • Machine Learning & AI across the customer lifecycle – Applying RACE to machine learning techniques
    • Summary
  • Marketing Technology Selection Guide

    As marketers today, we’re fortunate to have a huge number of free and low-cost tools to give us insight about our customers, competitors and market. These online services also help us compete by enabling our businesses to communicate with our audiences with automated, relevant real-time communications integrated across desktop and mobile and digital plus traditional marketing channels!

  • Marketing Innovation
  • Retail E-commerce marketing trends 2016-2017

    Structured on the RACE framework, this guide explores the latest E-commerce marketing trends looking ahead to 2017. From the latest social media, content marketing and user experience trends, we explore what E-commerce marketers need to be thinking about throughout 2017.

  • Financial Services Marketing Trends Guide 2017

    In this guide we examine the key trends, customer behaviours and new digital innovations which are shaping the future of the Financial Services (FS) sector. This guide has been produced to share examples of the latest trends used across the digital spectrum to improve conversions, user experience and to explore the latest digital marketing trends. You can use this sector specific guide to enable you to inform your digital strategy and keep up to date with unique trends which will shape future investments.

  • Travel ecommerce marketing trends 2016-2017

    Our specialist marketing trends resource for the travel sector will help you keep you up to date with whats going on in the world of travel marketing, so you benchmark and keep up. The online guide is full of examples case studies and metrics to help you drive your travel marketing forward.

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