What is the current state of Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is one the most effective techniques for digital marketers, so keeping up- to-date with the latest trends in the industry is super important. Our recent research on the State of Email marketing in 2017 with partners GetResponse showed how marketers rate email marketing and looked at the email marketing techniques they were using. If you want to know what types of emails marketers are most likely to use, how they are tracking their effectiveness and what click rates and open rates they are getting, then look no further than our new state of email marketing infographic, created by JBH. Thanks to JBH for creating this infographic.…

Use our infographic as a visual checklist for planning digital transformation across your entire organisation

Digital transformation is an incredibly complex undertaking, particularly in larger organisations. But given modern consumers' propensity to demand more from brands, it is not optional. Businesses have to become more adaptive and quicker to utilise the latest technology to improve the experience of their customers. If they don't then they'll rapidly find themselves disrupted by more agile competitors since there are so many sophisticated multichannel marketing techniques required today. [si_guide_block id="84595" title="Download Free Member resource – Integrated Marketing 2020" description="10 essential success factors for a joined-up marketing strategy."/] Too often companies recognise these trends but fail to transform successfully. They start a digital transformation process because they feel like they should, but do not integrate it across departments. Worse, they often focus on attempting to use new digital tactics whilst failing to actually develop a cohesive digital strategy. This leaves a mishmash…

Launching a brand 'Snapchat Takeover'

Snapchat now has over 130 million daily active users and is growing rapidly. Snapchat is popular with users of 20s and under, so potentially, it's a great way to reach younger consumers as it's offering grows more mature. Top influencers on Snapchat are able to get 300,000-400,000 views on a post on their story.

What is a Snapchat takeover?

A Snapchat takeover allows a brand to reach a large larger audience than would otherwise be possible. It works by a brand letting a popular 'Snapchatter' or other social media influencer/celebrity take over their branded Snapchat for a day or just a few hours. During this time the During this time, the influencer directs their followers to watch their takeover on the Brand's Snapchat, thus referring a large volume of traffic. It's a novel tactic and has proven effective for the big name brands that have tried it, like McDonalds, Disney…

What are the hottest new design trends emerging this year?

When you take a look backwards at design trends from recent years and compare them with those that are just now emerging, you can get a great feel for the way that user needs grow and change. It is the job of design to meet users where they need it. 

Over the past few years, the digital landscape has been filled with Flat Design and responsive, drag-and-drop web templates. The rise of Flat Design was hardly a surprise given that its minimalist appeal is super-easy to replicate and personalize. Flat Design was a simple and adaptable design innovation that really embraced the medium of the screen. In doing so, it created new expectations for the harmony of usability and aesthetics. 

But now that we're a few years past the heyday of Flat Design, we're starting to…

7 Web Design Trends You Can't Ignore in 2017

What do some of the top web designers have up their sleeves for 2017? In an industry that thrives on innovation and creativity, it's no surprise that the web design trends that are sure to make an impact in 2017 both push boundaries and embrace clean simplicity.

This infographic explores seven trends that are sure to make a big impact in the web design world this year. There's something for every style of designer here, from clean and tidy to chaotic and daring.

It starts with open composition, a style in which elements appear to be leaving the screen, giving visitors the impression that elements still exist somewhere outside the monitor. A trippy and intriguing concept.

Asymmetry might be more up your alley if you like to colour outside the lines every now and then.…

Most companies are doing nothing to re-activate abandoned carts

A 12-month survey for 2016 conducted by ecommerce recovery specialists Optilead has identified that 81% of online abandonment is totally ignored. This means that in the tests, valued at £2.1m, a staggering £1.7m of abandoned transactions were not followed up. Over the past few years, online sales have increased in the UK in excess of 10% per year – with this continued increase comes higher competition and the increased need to maximise each opportunity. Despite this, recent reports suggest $4 trillion worldwide would be lost to abandonment alone during 2016. Optilead surveyed 946 websites in the UK to identify how they react - and determine whether they engage with customers or leave them to become part of the global abandonment issue. The average abandonment rate across all sectors is 76%. But it's not just the abandonment rate that's of concern – it's the low…

A process for creating a multichannel marketing plan combining the SOSTAC® and RACE frameworks

At the start of each year we refresh our planning frameworks and the infographics to help visualise them and 2017 is no different. At this time of year, many are reviewing their options for growing their business using improvements to their multichannel marketing. Our Multichannel Marketing Growth Wheel infographic gives a visual view of key planning activities that are needed as part of the process of producing an integrated digital marketing or multichannel marketing plan. We originally created the Marketing Growth Wheel infographic back in 2012. In his post introducing the infographic, Dan Bosomworth explained: "Our Growth Wheel uses a standard SOSTAC® approach to planning, but applied to using digital technologies and channels to create growth for a company. It’s based on our experience in planning…

An example from Financial services showing insight on how to map your customer journey and optimise it for maximum conversion rates

Twenty years ago, customer journey mapping was much simpler. Your customers likely saw an ad in a magazine or on television and then went to a brick and mortar location to make the purchase or made an order over the phone. Simple, right? Not so today.... With all the digital devices your customers have access to (television, smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, etc), the customer journey can become much more convoluted. Consumers may hop on their tablets to research a product, and then later that week, use their desktop computers to place an order online. There are an unlimited number of ways that customers can move through the consumer journey, but one fact holds true: only 2% of customers buy a product on their first visit to the website, meaning that understanding the…

How Marketers and Publishers Can Tackle the Issue of Ad-Blockers

Ad blocking software is great for internet users, but it can be a giant problem for both advertisers and online publishers. When ad blocking software is installed, both display and pop-up ads are prevented from being served. When this happens advertiser’s potential views or CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) are negatively impacted. Most ads are typically paid for only after they’ve been served. This means that publishers aren’t paid for visits from any browser that has an ad-blocker enabled. Ad blocking is projected to cost publishers nearly $22 billion in 2015 with publishers losing almost 10% of ad revenue due to ad blocking. This number increases as high as 50% for some websites with teach-savvy readerships. As you can see this is a big potential loss for publishers for something that is outside of their control. The use of ad-blocking software is on…

The latest research reveals the current growth of the ecommerce market

Online retail is a huge and booming industry as the latest retail growth figures show, with sales expected to reach an astounding 1,115 billion dollars this year. From research conducted with SimilarWeb and JBH Marketing we have identified 3 big trends multichannel retailers are acting on this year: Mobile, Millenials and In-store Beacons. Although overall growth is continuing, interestingly Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other big days for ecommerce purchases were all down on the year before, despite the fact overall ecommerce sales were up considerably. Consumers are increasingly less impressed by these date specific offers so it' s better to have a strategy which isn't over-reliant on these days. Year-on-year e-retail sales continue to grow with online sales up to 10% in January 2016 according to the Custora Pulse Ecommerce benchmark. That's still a lower growth rate than in previous…

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