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Your Membership Plan includes one year’s unlimited access to our Digital Marketing Strategy Toolkit:
Digital Planning Framework INCLUDED

Follow our step-by-step guide to rapidly created an integrated digital strategy - your roadmap to success. Then prioritise your investments in digital marketing to maximise returns, and discover how to implement your roadmap successfully, and transform your, or your client’s, business.

Digital Benchmarking Tool INCLUDED

A robust digital marketing plan is vital, but tough—how do you know where to start? That’s where our Interactive Benchmarking Tool comes in. It’s easy, fast and gives you everything you need to take action right away.

Online Training Courses and Qualifications INCLUDED

Looking to develop a wider, deeper knowledge of digital marketing? Need to create a digital plan for your company or clients? If so, this unique e-Learning course is designed for you. Focusing on the 25 key digital activities that you need to be doing, we'll show you how to create a tailored digital roadmap to success.

Google Analytics INCLUDED

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool, but to get the most from it and so get more commercial value from your Internet marketing needs careful setup. Our guides take you through the steps to customise it for your business.

Marketing campaign planning INCLUDED

Don’t re-invent the wheel with each campaign you run or miss out on best practices to boost results. Use our campaign planning guides and Excel templates to create tried-and-tested integrated campaign plans.

Marketing strategy and planning INCLUDED

Learn the fundamentals of defining a marketing strategy to create or refine marketing plans to grow your business.

Paid media INCLUDED

Learn best practices to improve your ROI using Google AdWords, Social media and Display

Search engine optimisation (SEO) INCLUDED

If you get it right, SEO can be a huge competitive advantage in many business sectors. So, it’s super-competitive. Check that your approach to SEO is using the latest techniques and best practices with our toolkit.

Social media marketing INCLUDED

Review and improve your social media marketing with our toolkit. Use our templates to audit and develop your social media strategy and make better use of the major social networks with the practical tips in our ‘Smarter’ guides.

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