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Using AI for marketing creative: AI image and video generators

Discover the tools and brand considerations needed for creating AI-generated marketing creative

Since ChatGPT was launched, many marketers have adopted it for copywriting given the credible copy it can create with careful prompting. However, it’s less well-known that AI text prompting and editing tools are also available to support marketers creating imagery and videos. In this Quick Win, which goes alongside our Quick Win on using AI-based writing tools including ChatGPT, we will recommend some of the most common techniques and tools to consider.

What does this Quick Win cover?

This Quick Win is structured by the different tools options available. We start by reviewing practical issues you should consider before using these tools including:

  • Options for using for marketing
  • Pricing models
  • Legal issues

Then we review three of the most well-known and widely adopted tools: DALL-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion making recommendations on which are best to consider for marketing.

Finally, we review tools developed specifically for marketers working on campaigns. Since many tools that were originally free at launch now charge a fee, we recommend less well-known freemium versions where available.

About the author

Dr. Dave Chaffey

Dave ChaffeyDave is co-founder of Smart Insights and creator of the Smart Insights RACE planning framework. For his full profile, or to connect on LinkedIn or other social networks, see the About Dave Chaffey profile page on Smart Insights. Dave is author of 5 bestselling books on digital marketing including Digital Marketing Excellence and Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice. In 2004 he was recognized by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as one of 50 marketing ‘gurus’ worldwide who have helped shape the future of marketing.

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Using AI for marketing creative: AI image and video generators

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