Digital Marketing Essentials 26 June 2015

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Digital Marketing Essentials for 26 June 2015

Hi [First Name],

This week we've been taking a look at planning for Digital Transformation on the blog with this new article by Annmarie Hanlon advising on structuring digital marketing teams and we have a major update to our Digital Marketing Plan Workbook - this now has a clearer structure showing the 5 X 5 essential digital marketing RACE Planning activities businesses need to work on for Digital Transformation.

I've also been looking at how interest in Digital Marketing vs Internet Marketing vs Emarketing has varied over the years prompted by a new update to Google Trends - which now offers useful new insight.

From our other articles this month I recommend the practical advice on using Trello for Marketing (a tool we love), Understanding TF*IDF for SEO, Landing Page optimisation and a download on measuring and tracking emails from content partner GetResponse.

We hope you have a great weekend!

Dave Chaffey and The Smart Insights team

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Measuring and tracking Email Results

When you think about analytics and email, what comes to your mind? Most people will focus only on open rates and click rates. But what about other rates that could be beneficial to making your email marketing more efficient?

Measuring and Tracking Emails

Download this free report from GetResponse to learn more about:

  • Identifying, measuring and tracking the right campaign metrics
  • Integrating your email marketing data with your analytics tools
  • Crafting a clear plan of action from the insights you’re generating
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Updated Expert member resource

Digital Marketing Plan Workbook

It can be difficult to know where to start when creating or updating your digital strategy. Our workbook gives you a tried-and-tested structure based on the Smart Insights RACE Planning framework.

Our digital plan workbook is designed to help you define a digital marketing strategy as quickly as practical by filling in blank templates in Word format.

Download Now

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