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Travel e-commerce marketing trends

Our recommendations on the latest online marketing techniques for the travel sector

How will this guide help me and my business?

The travel sector is forever adapting. Our specialist marketing trends resource for the travel sector will help keep up to date in the industry and help you benchmark your digital marketing approach against others. The online guide is full of examples, case studies and metrics to help you drive your travel marketing forward.

This report explores the latest digital marketing trends within the travel sector. We review how marketing techniques and experiences created by online travel agents and accommodation booking sites are changing. We will also look at trends of use by channels including PR, SEO and social media marketing.

Who is the guide for?

The aim of the briefing is to help marketing professionals working in the travel sector to identify how new marketing approaches should support future strategies and improve the profitability of future campaigns. The guide is perfect for marketers within the travel, hospitality and tourism sectors. It’s also aimed not just at marketing managers within the sector, but at hotel managers, small travel business owners (such as travel agents, tour companies etc.) and may also be applicable to restaurants and food businesses.

How is this guide structured?

The key trends covered are:

  1. Affiliates, travel bloggers and influencers
  2. Going social
  3. Big Data
  4. Upselling and cross-selling to create a dynamic package
  5. CRO
  6. Visual technology (AR and VR)

Latest updates

  • Simplified stats to show online customer buyer behaviour
  • New statistics from eMarketer, Skift, and SaleCycle throughout the content
  • New information about conversion rate optimization techniques, reduction of ‘black hat’ conversion techniques, and how AI and Machine Learning can be applied for personalization

Resource Details

  • Authors: Carolanne Mangles and Sarah Lindley
  • Format: Online long-form article

About the author

Carolanne Mangles

Carolanne Mangles is the digital marketing executive and editor at Smart Insights and oversees all blog content. She is involved in SEO strategy planning and improving pages for higher organic reach. When she’s not in the office, you’ll find her hiking in the countryside, eating cake or petting the nearest animal. Connect with her on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.

Sarah Lindley

Sarah Lindley, Managing Director at The Yorkshire Marketing Agency, is an award-winning Chartered Marketer. Sarah holds over 10 years’ experience in implementing results-driven marketing and communications strategies, plans, and campaigns.

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