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Media attribution analysis and modelling guide

Learn how to use digital media attribution in Google Analytics

How will the media attribution guide help me and my business?

Our research shows that many businesses are still using the Default 'last click wins' attribution method in Google Analytics or their web analytics tool. We think that the reasons behind this are a combination of lack of knowledge of why you need to look at attribution, its apparent complexity and not knowing where to look to find the answers.

With this guide we have answered members' requests for a guide that:

  • Explains attribution and the business need for it
  • Reviews different alternative channel attribution models
  • Shows where to find the reports in Google Analytics and how to interpret them
  • Gives practical steps for applying attribution

How is the guide structured?

The seven steps covered in the guide are:

  • ONE. Understanding Attribution
  • TWO. Why is Attribution Modelling important
  • THREE. Which models to use and how to visualise data
  • FOUR. Mistakes to avoid
  • FIVE. The limitations of media attribution
  • SIX. A process for using it in practice
  • SEVEN. Resources

About the authors of the media attribution and modeling guide

hugh-gageHugh Gage is the Founder of Engage Digital. He focuses on helping his clients improve corporate performance by understanding and addressing the needs of their target audience in the online environment. He has worked with worked with more than 30 businesses in retail, education, food and drink, travel and leisure, finance, media, B2B, legal and the list is growing. With 20 years experience in digital marketing, Hugh is an expert in drawing insights from analytics.

Dave ChaffeyDr Dave Chaffey is the editor of all Smart Insights resources. He has advised on SEO since he created his first site in 1997 when Altavista was the leading search engine and he switched to Google in ‘99. Ten years ago he ran the first SEO training courses for the Chartered Institute of Marketing and for several years was the tutor on the Econsultancy Advanced SEO course and also created the original Econsultancy Best Practice guide to SEO.

Who is the media attribution and modelling guide for?

The Media Analytics and Modelling guide has been designed to be useful both to those looking to build more complex attribution models and to those just starting out with attribution modeling. It assumes basic familiarity with using Google Analytics and common digital marketing terms. It will be useful for:

  • Client side Marketers looking to build more advanced attribution models to better track their campaigns.
  • Consultants charged with implementing attribution models for their clients.
  • Ecommerce marketing managers looking at how better to track the success of different campaigns and on-site features.

Resource Details

  • Authors: Analytics consultant Hugh Gage and Dave Chaffey
  • Format: 6,000 word, 28 page A4 page PDF Ebook with illustrations and checklists

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