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Brand positioning template

Define your brand position and identity to create a competitive advantage

What is brand positioning?

Brand positioning involves enhancing the positive differentiation your brand offers against competitors and the perception of value in your customers’ minds. While it comprises of elements like your company name, logo, etc., successful brands incorporate positioning as part of their overall brand strategy.

How will this template help me and my business?

Brand positioning can help you leverage your unique benefits and help you take control of your reputation and how your brand is perceived. It’s a chance to really differentiate yourself from your competitors and showcase your values and brand ethos. Regardless of the size of your business, it is always worthwhile taking the time to carve out your brand position to give clarity to your communication and conversion tactics.

In this brand positioning template we help you identify your brand’s position through targeted questions and frameworks. With this information you can then decide what brand positioning strategy is best to adopt for your business.

Who is the template for?

This template was created for marketers looking to carve out their company's brand proposition. It will be useful for anyone responsible for managing customer perception or brand sentiment through their marketing role, such as marketing managers or brand specialists who are looking to optimize the marketing funnel and improve conversion or retention.

How is this template structured?

Our Brand positioning template uses the following structure:

  • What is brand positioning?
  • How do I identify my brand's position?
  • A note on STP
  • 1a. Understanding your brand
    • Brand identity
    • Your current brand identity: Personality
    • Your current brand identity: Mission and Perception
    • Create an elevator pitch
  • 1b. Defining your brand
    • Brand Positioning Framework - example
    • Brand Positioning Framework - template
  • 2. Positioning across RACE
    • Integrate your positioning with brand strategy
    • Positioning your brand with RACE - template
  • Summary
  • Recommended resources

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