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Agency pitching presentation templates

Get buy in to your approach and win new business with these quick and effective agency pitching templates

How will these pitching templates help me and my business?

Winning new business is a priority for agencies of any size. Making a great first impression will increase the chance that clients will buy into your ideas and commit to working with you, which can lead to a fruitful, ongoing relationship between them and your agency. However, even the best ideas can flounder if they aren't pitched correctly.

Our PowerPoint agency pitching presentation templates show you how to construct a detailed pitch that demonstrates your ideas, how the fit your given brief, the benefit for the client, and why they should choose you over your competition. Read our effective pitching presentation before choosing one of the dedicated templates based on the activity that you're pitching from inbound and content marketing to social media and website design/build.

These pitching templates have been created to help agency marketers when pitching a range of activities to prospective clients. It has been written so that each slide explains the information that should be included, so that you can either put together your own slides using your in-house guidelines side-by-side with our template, or you can edit the Master Slide of these presentations to create your own pitch deck.

Who are the pitching templates created for?

The roles that will benefit from these templates include:

  • Marketing and digital marketing managers
  • Account managers
  • Channel-specific managers and executives

How have the pitching templates been structured?

This resource contains one introductory ‘Read Me’ presentation deck, followed by four pitching deck templates dedicated to different activities. In total, the resource covers:

  • Effective pitch presentations
  • Pitching website design and build projects
  • Pitching inbound marketing activities
  • Pitching social media marketing
  • Pitching content marketing support
  • Pitching email marketing and marketing automation

Each pitching deck contains different sections depending on the marketing activity you’re pitching, although all contain the following structure:

  • Section 1: About your agency
    • Who we are
    • The team
    • Our services
    • Value proposition
    • Case study
  • Section 2: Your response to the brief
    • Our proposed support
    • Your brief/challenge
    • Our response in summary
    • How we got here
    • Our insights
    • Our proposals
    • The tech/tools we use
    • Predicted results
    • ROI calculations
    • Timescales
    • Our pricing estimate
    • Terms/Caveats
    • Thank you, CTA, and Q&A
    • Appendix

Resource Details

  • Author: Mark Kelly
  • Format: Downloadable PowerPoint presentations

About the author

Mark Kelly

Mark KellyMark Kelly is a freelance digital marketing consultant working with agencies and direct clients of Mark Kelly digital consultancy. You can follow him on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

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