Top 10 common content marketing mistakes

Grow your audience and build interest and leads by avoiding these common mistakes

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Top 10 common content marketing mistakes

The use of content to attract and acquire customers now plays a key role in everything we do as marketers. Planning, creating and distributing great quality content is no longer the domain of content marketing specialists but nearly every other function, from advertising and CRM, to search and PR. As a result, ‘content marketing’ has become increasingly integrated into how we plan, execute and optimise our marketing plans. It’s therefore important to take a strategic view of how we use content.

With investment in content marketing increasing across B2B and B2C, this guide is will highlight some of the most common content marketing mistakes to help you avoid these pitfalls and produce the most effective content marketing strategy for your business.

You may not be making any of these mistakes, which would of course be great news! But if any of these scenarios seem familiar to you, we hope that following our advice will help you to make the necessary changes so you can sharpen your content marketing plans and efforts.

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