Research techniques to create customer personas

The approaches you can use to build effective personas

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Research techniques to create customer personas

Personas help you make your marketing more customer centric, by summarising a number of typical customer types that you may provide your products and services to. You can use them to make communications more relevant across different channels, whether face-to-face, by phone or online communications like email, social media and web. Personas are popular for informing web design and digital experiences. We focus on research and examples related to this.

Personas can include typical background to the customer’s life, their interests, needs, interaction with your business and much more. It may be tempting to create a persona based on what you think you know about your customer, but don’t let temptation take over since you are not your customers and research provides an independent objective view of customer characteristics, needs and behaviour. In this resource you’ll discover different ways you can create personas and it’s much simpler than you may imagine.

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