Integrated marketing megatrends

10 essential success factors for a joined-up marketing strategy

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Integrated marketing megatrends

The rise of digital media and technology gives marketers many new opportunities to reach and influence their audiences to encourage purchase. Yet this means that planning and managing of marketing communications is now more complex than ever before.

The duopoly of Facebook and Google now dominates paid media investments online with offline media buys remaining important for many larger brands. Earned media is now vital - with many more opportunities to use content marketing to reach audiences on smaller media sites, blogs, and social media through influencer outreach and re-targeting. Owned media such as company websites, apps, and social media play a pivotal role in nurturing prospects and re-engaging customers.

Given this complexity in today's media interactions, we'll cover ten success factors in this briefing for planning better-integrated, more effective marketing campaigns and 'always-on' inbound marketing activities.

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