How To Define Your Brand Vision And Identity

A guide to help all types of business develop a better brand vision, positioning and identity

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How To Define Your Brand Vision And Identity

Brands are concepts and key business assets, particularly for large, international organisations. But, even for small businesses, branding is important. Ultimately consumers and businesses are often making the choice between one brand and another. This is why improving brand identity is relevant to all businesses.

The expression of what a brand stands for is anchored to its brand identity. The established models and approaches that frame the development of a brand’s vision, its positioning and identity are, however, not always widely known outside of brand specialists, yet we believe they have value and can be readily applied. Throughout this guide key models are used to provide structure to explain the main approaches covered. The brand vision, positioning and identity planning process is brought to life with examples to help you get started and provide support as you define and review your brand vision and identity.

Creating a rich and clear brand vision and identity will strengthen your business, provide strategic clarity and focus and act as the lynchpin for all that you do in the competitive context.

This is a practical ‘how to’ guide, that complements the Smart Insights digital branding guide (recommended resource).

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