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Who are we?

Apptus was born out of Lund University, Sweden, a world-renowned centre of excellence in the fields of mathematics and computer science. Here, many of our employees obtained PhD’s and Doctorates before joining our research & development and management teams which is constantly translating new ideas into our  leading product Apptus eSales.

Apptus eSales service work alongside your existing e-commerce system, ensuring a seamless merchandising solution that’s proven to deliver business value. Unlike other point solutions, eSales’ personalisation algorithms work across all your screen real-estate, giving a true 360º view of customer behaviour, reducing your workload whilst increasing revenue, all packaged in one unified solution as it should be.

Since 2000 Apptus has been at the cutting edge of high-performance computing, search and navigation technologies, recommendation engines and online behavioural analytics.

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