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Successful SEO Guide

Review and improve your SEO with our unique workbook format

How will this 7 Steps to SEO guide help me?

As marketers we need to keep reminding ourselves how incredibly important search engines are in reaching prospects and customers. If we don’t, then there will always be more web savvy competitors who are investing to ensure they deliver the best results from the search engines.

This comprehensive guide,  gives you all the detail you need to review the SEO for your business or your clients. It’s gives far more up-to-date detail than any other book on SEO we’ve seen.

It’s designed for managers in businesses who need to understand and improve SEO to work through to review the key issues they need to consider and discuss with their in-house team, agencies or consultants. Smaller businesses can use it as a “do-it-yourself” guide to help SEO to boost their business. Agencies and consultants use it to review against their process and techniques and to make sure they are aware of the last Google changes.

To help get or keep your SEO on-track, this guide provides:

  • A workbook format with all the questions you need to ask to help get better results in Google
  • The latest on avoiding or escaping the major Google algorithm webspam updates including Farmer, Penguin, Venice, Hummingbird and plus Google+!
  • Checklists of success factors to review internally or with your agency
  • Tutorials on how to use Google Analytics to improve results
  • Many examples of what works and what to avoid
  • Tools to help improve your SEO

What does the Ebook include?

The 7 steps covered are:

  • Step 1 Do an audit, plan and set your goals
  • Step 2 Make sure the engines can find your content
  • Step 3 Get your on-page optimisation right
  • Step 4 Create awesome content for SEO
  • Step 5 Get more quality links using content marketing
  • Step 6 Refine your internal linking
  • Step 7 Keeping customers engaged and loyal

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