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The State of Unsubscribing in 2016

A research report exploring techniques to improve email marketing customer experience and loyalty

Why do I need this guide?

This report details the findings of research by Alchemy Worx study into email unsubscribing and explains why a well thought out unsubscribe process is so important in a customer-focused email marketing programme.

It gives lots of examples and best practice tips showing easy ways brands can create a seamless, optimised unsubscribe experience that encourages more customers to continue on their journeys with the brand.

If you have an email list of any size, reducing your unsubscribe rate is an extremely effective tactic to keep your list growing. If you don't have a strategy for retaining subscribers, or if you are looking at optimising your existing strategy, this guide has lots of specific recommendations and examples that will help you improve your approach.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is aimed at email marketing managers, charged with growing their email lists and getting the greatest engagement and conversion from their existing subscribers. Depending on the way your organisation is structured, it will also be useful for:

  • Digital Marketing managers and directors, to review the effectiveness of their email unsubscribe campaigns and review the options for putting an unsubscribe process in place.
  • Owners in smaller businesses who run their email marketing campaigns themselves.
  • Email specialists in agencies, and consultants, to ascertain industry best practice & review how they advise clients on unsubscribing processes.

What does this guide contain?

In February 2016, the Alchemy Worx researchers signed up to the mailing lists of 87 retail brands and then unsubscribed from each one following the protocols, if any, that the brands specified. In this guide email expert Kath Pay analyses the results, discusses key findings and establishes industry trends. The guide then analyses the best practices for unsubscribing processes and winning back those who have elected to unsubscribe. Finally, it shows 3 examples of what not to do, to prevent you making some common mistakes that people designing unsubscribing processes often fall into.


Resource Details

  • Sponsor: Content Partner Alchemy Worx
  • Author: Email marketing expert Kath Pay
  • Last updated: May 2016
  • Format: 7,000 word, 14 page A4 page PDF Ebook with examples and recommendations
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