Up your slack game with these time-saving tools

What better way to boost marketing and sales productivity than using a productivity tool? Slack now has over 4 million users, and many marketing and sales tools have used that opportunity to reach more users by building integrations. The good news for marketers and sales personnel is that you can now get more work done without having to leave your Slack channels. This article summarises what you can do with these 10 great Slack integrations.


I’m beginning with GrowthBot because it is a severely underestimated chat based marketing tool that can help you with content ideas, keyword research and monitoring your competition. Once you have integrated the tool, you simply have to say “Hello” to have it suggest a dozen or so questions that you can then use as queries. Some interesting questions are “What…

The best tools for understanding your online marketplace?

I find that on training courses, the tools I recommend to help marketers are always popular, especially the free tools... At a course I was asked for a list of “essential tools” for digital marketing, so here they are… 2017 update: I originally created this list in 2012 and thought it was due an update since the feed reader tools and keyword tools have changed. We aim to review and compare tools for managing different digital activities on Smart Insights, so we have many of these tools covered in other posts, so I’ll link to these where relevant. There's a diverse mix of free tools available, one of the enjoyable aspects of working in digital marketing today. I’ll start with the most widely used. Please let us know about the “essential free tools” you use in the comments. For many more tools suggestions - check out…

Marketing dashboards that can help you report on and analyze your marketing efforts

Like it or not, today's CMOs are married to metrics. They have to be. From closely tracking traffic to understanding which channels may be leaking potential leads, failure to make data-driven decisions continues to be the bane of many of today's marketers. As a result, global spending on data-based marketing continues to rise and is similarly expected to spike in 2017. As we delve deeper into an era of marketing dominating by metrics and big data, modern CMOs can't afford not to have some serious tools on deck to summarise the impact of their digital marketing. This rings especially true to understanding any combination of the following: Which marketing channels are worth scaling and are likewise providing a positive ROI Where leads are dropping off within your marketing funnels Which messages and campaigns are resonating with leads versus those…

Use these 'Voice of the Customer' Tools to gather qualitative data on your customers

Web analytics can provide the what, the when and the how, but struggle to deliver the why and the rationale which explains the numbers from your analytics tool. 'Voice of the Customer' tools can run continuously in the background, be focused on specific pages or be time-based, gathering detailed feedback on barriers to conversion, design issues, user confusion – all useful and actionable insight for marketers. These tools allow you to go beyond the quantitative insight of analytics tools and provide a deeper layer of site visitor feedback. Tools in this category are growing in popularity and include general website feedback, crowd sourced product opinions and exit survey functionality.

Key things to consider before purchasing and using these tools:

Be careful not to request too much data. Just like us, users are put off by surveys that are pages…

Use these Social Media Analysis Tools to better understand your customers

With the advent of digital marketing trends, social media analysis has become crucial to monitor the multitude of audience interactions towards the different products and services. Today, there are more than 500 tools in the market to measure a campaign’s performance on the different social media platforms. By 2020, the size of social media analysis tools in the market is expected to exceed 5 billion dollars. Before this happens, here are five of the best tools of today that will help you manage your social media channels more effectively:

1- Keyhole

Keyhole is an all-in-one social media analytics platform that tries to spare users from the hassle of manually switching from one tool to another. It takes note of the keywords users provide across several platforms, and then follows the…

Use these cart recovery tools to nudge your customers into converting

Cart recovery tools use email and on-site notifications to drive users back into a site (usually the checkout pages) with the aim of driving incremental transactions by reminding customers of the products or services they abandoned. With initial customer acquisition becoming increasingly expensive, brands have focused their efforts in trying to re-engage and convert those users they’ve already spent money acquiring and/or who have already expressed some level of interest in a product or service. Cart abandonment is the use of remarketing at the closest point to conversion i.e. once a user has added something to their cart but fails to check out. Cart abandonment tools can therefore be an extremely cost effective way of increasing sales, and usually generate great returns on investment. If you are considering investing in a cart recovery tool for your website, here are some of…

New tools for outreach, video marketing, market segmentation and more

In the ever-evolving digital world, keeping up with the tricks of the trade is crucial. Marketing is no longer a one-way communication from brands, but a dialogue between brands, customers, influencers and various other stakeholders. To ensure that your brand is a part of this conversation, you need to stay on top of the game with your digital media strategy. Throughout this year, brands will see a confluence between traditional and digital media channels as there will be parity in the kind of messaging planned for both kinds of outlets. More brands will look for ways to share data from paid media with real-time content across channels in a similar manner. Further, there will be a greater need to generate more relevant and shareable content for all digital platforms, so that it consistently drives traffic to your landing pages and websites. Here are the…

Use these tools to speed up your influencer outreach

These tools are especially useful for content marketers who are regularly producing content and need a structured and scalable way of managing their outreach efforts. They help to identify the types of site and key people within your niche that may link to or share your content in order to help amplify your message. Tools such as Kred, Klout and Followerwonk (Twitter specific tool) focus on assigning scores to online users, surfacing those who are likely to be most influential for your given content, search or topic.

Why are these tools important to digital marketers?

They help digital marketers to identify, analyse and contact relevant PR, blogger and other key influencer contacts, usually with the aim of creating backlinks or sharing content. [si_guide_block id="27934" title="Download Expert Member resource – Influencer outreach guide" description="Engage influencers…

Use these landing page creation and testing tools to optimise the conversion rates of your landing pages

Lead generation is a key goal of digital marketing in many sectors. By testing landing page layout, headlines and copy you can increase lead volume and thus potentially sales using cost-effective techniques. By hosting test pages on the servers of suppliers you should be able to bypass the need for agency or IT department involvement to get test up-and-running rapidly. The tools listed in this post will help you design and test pages which improve the conversion rate to lead. SmartInsights has no relationship with any of these tools, we just want to help readers looking to utilise landing page testing tools by pointing them to quality providers.

Key things to consider before purchasing and using these tools:

Ease of use of setting up tests Integration with CRM systems you use or plan to use …

Use these testing tools to help structure your experiments and boost your conversion rate

A/B tests allow you to run one or more different versions of a page which may include one or more of different features such as a call to action, a hero banner or other page elements compared to a control version. Multivariate testing enables you to test multiple elements at the same time. This requires more traffic and more time spent on set up, but gives the benefit of being able to isolate the impact of each element on conversion and average order value. Improving leads or sales through driving more users down the conversion funnel is the primary goal of these tools. They simplify the process of running these tests, allowing control over the test variables (e.g. how much traffic is sent to the various test versions), provides…

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