How to harness the power of vertical video

Remember the emergent days of online video? Those primitive, pixelated clips were laughable at best. Social media is one of the biggest catalysts changing the video landscape, especially when it comes to creating new outlets for content distribution. With faster internet and smarter phones redefining how video content is consumed, millions of films that were created for the big screen have been repurposed for streaming on handheld devices. Like Hollywood films, today’s digital video ads still have lights, a camera, and some action, but the stage is now your smartphone, and the audience is everyone. Interactive content on Facebook helps people and brands engage with their fans, Snapchat filters make sharing videos more fun, and newcomer app Periscope allows people to share a glimpse into their world. In short, social media has completely upended the way we view and create videos — and one major factor…

Video can help you take your digital marketing results to the next level

Content has always been a king and video content is king in 2017. According to a new report from Cisco, by 2019, online videos will generate four-fifths of global internet traffic. To be ready check the tips and cases below to get a clear idea of how, where and why you should implement video in your digital marketing strategy.

On your website

The video takes more time and resources than text, but 79% of customers say they'd rather watch a video to learn about a product than reading text on a page. 84% said that they'd been convinced to make a purchase after watching a video.

How to get results with SEO

Make short video reviews on product landings. 97% of businesses said that their video tutorials and short videos about their features helped increase user understanding of their products or…

4 Video types that will help you generate brand trust

Trust is imperative in whether your prospects make a purchase or not. Your prospects want to know your brand, they need to feel connected to your brand on some level, and that’s why building trust is so important! A big part of building trust is to really know your clients and their needs. Show them that you are aware of their problems and that your brand is committed to solving them. The way to do this is through video content, as video is one of the strongest types of online content out there. Let’s see which types of videos work best for generating trust!

Types of videos that generate brand trust

1. Explainer videos

An explainer video is a short video, usually lasting less than two minutes that explains your brand or your product in an engaging and simple way. It’s aimed to let your…

Live video presents major opportunities for social media marketers to better engage their audience.

Live videos and streaming are gaining an incredible amount of traction right now. Several of the most common platforms for interacting with live audiences include YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live and Periscope. You’d be forgiven for thinking these platforms primarily cater to consumers. While there are lots of people using live video to share their lives and personal updates with friends and family, the medium has the potential to be so much more. Live video marketing is also gaining traction, especially thanks to Facebook Live. If you’ve been on Facebook at all in the last month, you’ve probably come across a live video feed or one of those live polls that show real-time updates of results. Brands are competing with one another to come up with engaging live video content. It seems to be catching on, but is that happening simply…

Will 2017 really be the 'year of video'?

Year after year marketers are presented with the same rallying cry: this is the year of video. However, it's become crystal clear that 2017 may very well represent the turning point for video marketing as we know it. The rise of video isn't exactly a secret among the many trends of content marketing. Video has been traditionally associated with a high barrier to entry, questionable ROI and a somewhat heavy investment in terms of time and resources. The good news for marketers? Times have changed. The bad news? Those who don't hop on the video bandwagon sooner rather than later may very well get left behind.

Why Marketers Must Get On Board with Video

The numbers don't lie: video is on course to dominate the web in terms of reach and traffic. According to a report by Cisco released last year, video is projected to account…

How you can significantly increase the ROI of your marketing videos

“Did you see that video everyone is talking about?!” You probably hear this at least once a week. People these days are just as crazy about online video as they were about moving pictures in the days of the silent silver screen, and streaming video is only getting more popular. You still have time to get ahead of the curve — and your competitors — but you need a game plan. If you aren’t sure whether online video content is a priority for your marketing needs, you should know that 64 percent of consumers are more likely to pull the trigger on a purchase after watching a video about the product. Video is already a vital piece of any digital marketing campaign, and yet many businesses focus on the wrong elements because they don’t have a video marketing strategy in…

Your buyers want to be guided towards the path of least resistance

Let me ask you a question. Do you know what part you play in your Buyer’s Journey? Let’s take the “Journey” part literally: are you the road, the final destination, the map or the signs? Let me tell you what you are: you’re the guide. You’re the one who chooses the road, and you need to make sure that all the things that your travelers may need are there at the moment they need them. Planning great content, and making it work, is just like that. Besides being interesting and of high quality, your content needs to be timed just right to generate the most impact. It must be in the correct place, at the correct time. In your Buyer’s Journey, you have a clear goal: to point your prospects in the…

How a watermelon got 500 times more views than the President of the United States: Why Live Video offers a massive opportunity for brands willing to be creative

Live video streaming found its footing nearly a decade ago when sites like Livestream and Ustream emerged. However, back then, brand marketers felt lukewarm about the technology — bandwidth was limited, audiences were extremely niche, and the stakes of live broadcasting seemed too high. But now, with Facebook pushing the option to its huge user base, YouTube announcing the integration of mobile live streaming on its platform, and news outlets like Wall Street Journal, NBC, CBS, and Fox News trying their hand at it, brands are having a hard time resisting this now-viable marketing avenue. In fact, a recent poll found that 44 percent of executives live-streamed an event in 2015, while another 20 percent plan to…

These benefits and examples of video marketing show why video should now be an essential digital marketing tactic

The short answer would be “yes”. Investing in a robust and high-quality video digital marketing strategy is well worth it, and it’s helping more than you can imagine. If your video engages, your conversion rates can be increased with just one smart technique or the right content that goes viral for a good reason. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula, no clear pattern, or perfect algorithm that will cause your success to skyrocket overnight. That is why most might dare doubt the validity and reliability of video content. However, you do not need a one-hit wonder to tell the difference or one small investment with a significant payout. What you need to understand is the actual value of video content and, most importantly, its real potential for online marketing in the long…

These B2B brands know a thing or two about video. Are your B2B videos as engaging?

B2C brands have been using video for decades. Ever since there has been TV there have been brands producing great videos to delight and entice consumers. Yet for B2B marketers video is still somewhat of a new field, even though the possibility of creating and sharing video online has been around for about ten years now.

[si_guide_block id="23343" title="Download Expert Member resource – Video and YouTube marketing guide" description="Our guide shows you how to review the full opportunities from video marketing whether you are a company looking to integrate video marketing more into your campaigns or a marketing agency looking to improve your video marketing services. Video examples from across different sectors will inspire ideas of how you can use video marketing to reach and influence a wider audience."/]

In this post, I want to highlight 5…

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