Digital marketing statistics 2014

The top 10 free sources for UK, European, US, Asian and Global digital marketing statistics

Online marketers love statistics about digital marketing. They allow us to review customer adoption of the latest digital platforms, make business cases for investment in marketing and allow us to benchmark our performance against competitors.

For Expert members, we compile a regularly updated set of usage statistics to use in presentations.


If you’re compiling your own stats, which are the best, most reliable free and paid sources? Everyone has their favourites, but I thought it would be useful to share the ones that I go back to most often as I research online to update books and posts and I recommend to students on marketing qualifications.

If we had to choose a single source with the most up-to-date statistics for 2013 it’s the comScore Digital Future in Focus series- this has separate reports for the UK, Europe, France, Germany, Spain, US, Latin America and South East Asia . We also have a page on mobile statistics we’re updating though 2014, so take a look at that.

Quite a few visitors have added to the suggestions in the comments – thank you for adding to this free resource with your recommendations!

Digital marketing statistics search engine

To save myself time, last year I spent 10 minutes creating a custom Google search engine covering these sources. I hope you find it useful too:


Top 10 sites for digital marketing statistics

These sites cover global stats including UK, Europe, US and global. Thanks for adding the other suggestions to the comments – well worth checking out for anyone searching for statistics sources who passes this way. I’ve added these to the custom search engine too.

One other source worth being aware of is the posts tagged statistics from the Econsultancy blog.

1 Ofcom ( The Office of Communication has reports on adoption of digital media including telecommunications and the Internet (including broadband adoption), digital television and wireless services.

2 UK National Statistics Consumer trends ( Family spending and technology adoption.

3 European Union Digital Marketing statistics ( – based on assessments of ICT adoption.

4 Comscore The The Comscore press releases are one of the best sources of the latest stats releases. Their blog can also be helpful – I have included within the custom search engine. A similar service included in this search engine is Nielen Netratings.

Comscore have a new Digital Future series of reports covering the UK, US, several European countries, Canada and Brazil – we have a summary post on Online media statistics from Comscore summarising this.

5 International Telecomms Union ( World telecommunications and ICT adoption statistics with the emphasis on broadband and mobile

6 Marketing Charts ( An aggregator of information about consumer and business adoption of technologies and approaches.

7 ClickZ Stats ( A source agggregating news on digital marketing developments, reports by experts and calculators.

8 eMarketer ( A compilation of digital statistics for online marketers – more US oriented.

9 Hitwise Hitwise blog – one of the best sources giving interpretation of a selection of their stats by their analysts. It’s also worth checking their data centres – which have summaries of the most popular sites and search engines.

10 IAB Research Research reports on online advertising effectiveness

The best global sources in terms of frequency of update, although with a US bias are, for me, the blogs/press release sections from Comscore, Hitwise and Nielsen Netratings. These are the ones you will find are most common results within the custom search engine.

  • Chris

    Certainly some of the most useful sites online!

    However I think the information which is delivered through the social media channels (such as Mashable) shouldnt be underestimated as a source of information and insight. No they dont provide official metrics data or industry stats, however they provide a good point of call for insight and opinion, trends and challenges.

    But then to add to your list Dave, I find The Mobile Marketing Association ( always useful – though again this is mainly US based.

    • Dave Chaffey

      Thanks also to:

      @Damien – ConsumerBarometer EU – I was unaware of that source on Online Purchasing Behaviour perception by EU country – looks useful for students researching this and updated monthly I think

      @Nigel – InternetWorldStats – useful for drilling down by country, but I don’t trust the Made For Adsense site design and it’s a compilation of other sources. I think the ITU is the best source for continent/country breakdown.

      @Chris – Good call – mobile isn’t so well covered here. That’s reminded me that the press release centres from panel companies like Comscore and Nielsen are a different source of data here too:

      Comscore audience adoption statistics

      Nielsen Buzzmetrics and Netratings panel statistics

      Hitwise panel data centre resources

  • Nigel Adams

    Hi Dave,

    Good list, but what about:
    It is a great source of up to date internet data.


  • Damien Selosse

    i would add this consumer commerce barometer that i find quite usefull specialy in some ROPO estimation :

  • Nick

    Thank you very much for the list of resources. I think it is great.

    I have always wondered, how would you measure the online purchase intent of consumers for a particular keyword. Is there any website/resource that will help me in that regard?

    Any help is highly appreciated.


  • http://[email protected] Kat Gritzmacher

    I have found wonderful data from the Pew Internet Project–high-quality, credible research. for the info.

    • Mobile Media

      Thanks for the link, it was really helpful, do you know how their collecting this data and which countries this data is collected from?

  • Jake Hird

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for having us in this great list!

    To clarify a bit more detail about our Statistics compendium, it’s included as part of our paid-for content, (accessible to anyone with a silver membership or higher), and is updated on a monthly basis.

    The report is broken out geographically – UK, North America, EMEA, Asia-Pacific and International (with Latin America in development) and these contain various sub-sections: Affiliate Marketing, Internet Advertising, Web Analytics, Social Media, Search Marketing, Mobile, Email Marketing, E-commerce, Customer Experience, Technology Adoption and Demographics.

    Thanks again for including us!
    – Jake

  • Jasper

    Thanks for the list! These can really save some time as those stats don’t always show up in search results.

    I find can also be very useful for international internet stats (e.g. how many facebook visits in Argentina, or the preferred search engine in China). And I love the Wave Studies from UM.

    I am also collecting a list of PR research tools which I will keep updating. Let me know what you think!

    • Dave Chaffey

      Thanks Jasper, you’re right that often these sources don’t rank well – part of the reason for them.

      Thanks also for the UM Social Media reminder – good for country-by-country breakdown of social media statistics. I’ve just checked and there is a new Wave 5 just published.

  • Keyword Tools

    This digital marketing statistics list of sources is incredible! A lot of thanks to you. You have saved and helped me in many aspects. This really means a lot to me. I hope you can update soon. God bless!

  • Anonymous

    Great post Dave. Think you need to elaborate this into a tool or Firefox/Chrome search device.

    David Sealey

    • Dave Chaffey

      Thanks David, that would help share us better. But we have other priorities!

  • Sbouchez

    Thanks Dave for this Post : another useful resource : Google Public Data

    • Dave Chaffey

      Thanks for sharing – wasn’t aware of that. That reminds me, since I did the original update Google UK created this Internet stats page which has snippets and sources – they’ve done a better job at keeping updated than previous efforts:

      • Jason Lee

        Dave, do you offer the ability for those of us engaged in list building or affiliate marketing to buy time in your side bar and advertise?

  • Sam Hurley Fdc
  • mo

    i use hitwise and its too good. Thanks for sharing the list. I would check out others too.

  • chantal

    any stats for Africa?

  • Priddy

    Hi all, I am looking for statistics on the impact of internet/digital technology has had on the EFL industry and its audience, can anybody help me?

  • Nirav Gandhi

    Is there any tool or technique to find “India” specific data.

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  • Terry Tonny


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  • Jon Herz

    Great post. Thanks for sharing with us. Visit my blog

  • Entreb

    Thanks for these resources. I’ve been looking for good resources of online marketing trends. Fortunately, I found your site through Google.

  • Sarah Beresford

    One of the hardest things to give to our clients is the measurable proof of ROI when it comes to digital marketing, including social media. Resources like this really help.

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  • Jason Lee

    Thanks for the list of resources Dave, lists and tools are where it’s at. What are your recommendations for internet marketing forums? Besides the obvious ones like Wikedfire, Rapidleverage, and what not.

    • Dave Chaffey

      No problem Jason – not so many general forums – post are specialist around SEO, Social, Email, etc. Plus LI groups.

      We have around strategy.

  • Joey Ambrose

    Hey Dave. Another great post – I especially like this for sourcing blog topics etc. I noticed Hitwise was gobbled up by Experian though, and their stuff just isn’t as easy to use anymore. Thanks for saving me time :)

    • Dave Chaffey

      Hi Joey – thats what we try to do! that’s right – Experian don’t get content marketing / PR like Hitwise used to unfortunately :(

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