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How much does digital make up in UK advertising spend

Chart of the day: Research by Advertising Association and Warc finds that digital dominates UK advertising spend

Magazine advertising continued to decrease, whilst digital magazine advertising is expected to grow. Regional newspapers and Direct Mail see the biggest decreases, whilst digital formats are expected to continue their recent growht.

Some key highlights of the research include:

  • Ad spend in the UK grew to £5.8bn, representing 3.9% rise year-on-year
  • Overall for 2016 UK ad spend grew 3.7%, reaching a total of £21.4bn, this is also the seventh year of continued growth
  • Digital ad spend is up 13.4% to £10.3bn for 2016.  45.4% to £3.9bn. The report predicts mobile advertising spend will slow over the coming years (2017: +30.4% and 2018: +20.8%) as the current boom dies down.
  • Mobile accounted for 45.4% of that digital ad spend, meaning £3.9bn spent, however, the report predicts that mobile advertising spend will decrease.

A growth of 2.5% overall is expected for 2017.

Robert Jones

By Robert Jones

Robert is Research Analyst at Smart Insights, he works on member research, improving user experience of the Smart Insights site, our partner research reports and helps produce our member content. He is a member of the Market Research Society (MRS) and has over 5 years experience in Insight and UX.

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