The rise and rise of mobile email marketing

Mobile email marketing popularity statistics

Thanks to Mark Brownlow to alerting us to this via Twitter. As Mark says "However you measure it, mobile email is growing fast".  I thought I'd share the chart since it persuasively makes the case that your email design should work on mobile and you should think about what you're trying achieve through the communications - creating awareness and encouraging later action become more important.

% Emails opened on different access platforms 2011

The source of the data is Sydney-based Email Service provider Campaign Monitor - it's based on 3 billion emails delivered for it's clients in 2011.

Email client usage across desktop, web and mobile 2009 - 2011

% Emails opened on different mobile platforms

The Campaign Monitor data also shows data for different mobile platforms:

Mobile email client market share June 2011

There's a clear message here - iOS dominates, so ensure your email renders well within Apple Mail as well as the 3 usual suspects: Hotmail,Yahoo!Mail and GMail. See all Email client statistics.

How do these figures compare to what you're seeing in your analytics?

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  • Great little report. Are those numbers for the UK, US, etc. I am just curious if you / your sponsors have other European data like France…?


  • An interesting instance of the change sent to us via Twitter – a big change for 9 months:

    @mfrealdo :”Our website’s traffic generated by #email campaigns using a mobile device have grown from 3.8%(nov. 2010) to 12.5% (today)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you for the additional guidance guys.

    Mark – yes mobile email is BIG and will get bigger – but this data only shows Opens – have you ever seen aggregated or client data on the relative “Click-to-Open” rate or conversion rates for retail. I suspect these are a lot lower for mobile email suggesting other communications approaches are needed to encourage action.

    Tim – useful to flag up the “responsive design” concept – Tim Watson also has some details/examples on this in the post I linked to at the top. I wonder how many new websites or email templates are briefed still without this being included.


  • The case for responsive design becomes more and more compelling. Time to stop designing for specific platforms and get serious about getting our messages across on whatever device our readers prefer to use.

  • Those charts certainly drive the point home.

    One other point to add: don’t stop with ensuring that the emails themselves render well on mobile devices.

    You need to check the destination of all the links in them. Do your landing pages also look good in mobile browsers? Some sites choose to redirect all mobile traffic to a mobile version of the site, of course. So the question then becomes whether the links redirect to pages containing the matching promotions. And so on.

    This article is a very handy resource for pointing out just how important this subject is. Thanks!

  • Mark Brownlow commented on June 16, 2011

    As well as the “opens” data, we also know that email is the biggest online activity pursued by those on the mobile Internet (link). And 300 million smartphones sold last year (link). Mobile email is BIG!