15 Website Personalization and Recommendations Software Tools

A listing of personalised production recommendation services to increase conversion and Average Order Value

These website personalisation tools enable you to segment visitors and then deliver personalised messages within containers as with the classic Amazon personalized recommendations – read their published methodology from this fascinating whitepaper from eay back in 2003. I originally wrote this post in 2010 when there were fewer options. I have updated annually since with the help added by commenters – thanks!

Personalization integrated with web analytics

  • Coremetrics Intelligent Offer IBM Coremetrics is widely used by retailers for analytics – and increasingly personalization for cross and up-selling.
  • Adobe Test and Target One of the best established personalization engines evolving from the original Touch Clarity back in 2004.
  • BT Buckets Lower cost option that integrates with Google Analytics.

Personalization Software as Service (SaaS) for Ecommerce

The second category we review here is specifically for E-Commerce merchandising giving automated product placements using aggregated behavioral data (those that viewed this, also viewed that) and personal recommendations (you previously bought this and might like that).

I’m indebted to an anonymous contributor who has recently reviewed and recommended these for he original article.  He says: “The following offer enterprise level SaaS solutions to deliver increased sales and a better customer experience“.

Personalisation features available as part of CMS or Commerce management systems

This category wasn’t mentioned in the original post since personalisation features were limited when the post was originally written in 2010, but I have updated in line with a suggestion in the comments.

According to the comment from Damien of Digicon, both Sitecore and Kentico have built in tools to personalise content based on various rules, such as geo-location, search terms, referrers, lead scores and also provide more advanced personalisation based on user behaviour and profiles.

Magento also has personalisation extensions available such as Product Personalisation, Commerce Stack.

B2B and publisher personalisation tools

Evergage is mentioned as tool that fits best in this category.

WP Greet Box is a personalisation plug-in used by WordPress blogging users, including me once, to deliver a welcome message to first time users depending on their referrers. It’s amazing this approach isn’t used more on commercial sites. WP Marketing Suite is another WordPress plugin that has been featured in the comments.

Thanks for all the comments sharing options in the post so far, please share others you recommend to build this list.

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