15 Website Personalization and Recommendations Software Tools

These website personalisation tools enable you to segment visitors and then deliver personalised messages within containers as with the classic Amazon personalized recommendations – read their published methodology from this fascinating whitepaper from 2003.

Personalization integrated with web analytics

  • Coremetrics Intelligent Offer IBM Coremetrics is widely used by retailers for analytics – and increasingly personalization for cross and up-selling.
  • Adobe Test and Target One of the best established personalization engines evolving from the original Touch Clarity back in 2004.
  • BT Buckets Lower cost option that integrates with Google Analytics.

Independent personalization engines

Personalization of customer service

  • eStara from atg eStara Click to Call and Click to Chat engage visitors proactively and selectively offer them the opportunity to contact a live agent from any page on any Web site, whether powered by the ATG platform or not.

E-Commerce Personalization Software as Service (SaaS)

The final category we review here is specifically for  E-Commerce merchandising giving automated product placements using aggregated behavioral data (those that viewed this, also viewed that) and personal recommendations (you previously bought this and might like that).

I’m indebted to an anonymous contributor who has recently reviewed and recommended these for a client. Let me know if you want me to put you in touch. He says: “The following offer enterprise level SaaS solutions to deliver increased sales and a better customer experience“.

Personalisation features available as part of CMS or Commerce management systems

This category wasn’t mentioned in the original post since personalisation features were limited when the post was originally written in 2010, but I have updated in line with a suggestion in the comments.

According to the comment from Damien of Digicon, both Sitecore and Kentico have built in tools to personalise content based on various rules, such as geo-location, search terms, referrers, lead scores and also provide more advanced personalisation based on user behaviour and profiles.

Magento also has personalisation extensions available in Magento Connect.

Thanks for all the comments sharing options in the post so far, please share others you recommend to build this list.

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  • http://www.trinityinsight.com Craig @ eCommerce Optimization

    Great article. Really helpful. Its tough navigating the solution landscape as it relates to personalization tools. Whats really difficult is the fact that all of these tools likely use Javascript in deploying their content and this can really slow a site down with multiple Http calls. hopefully in the next year or so, new technologies get created to alleviate this problem.

  • Steve D

    Personyze.com have a terrific tool that’s laser focused on personalization.
    I would love to see a review on them as well.

  • http://twitter.com/pbroadbery philip broadbery

    Hi, it might be worth a section for CMS tools. Sitecore and SDL (through there FredHopper purchase) have tools which can be applied to content including product selection. The ability to profile all content and build up patterns based on all visitor activity is very effective for dynamic personalisation, including recommendations.

    • http://www.smartinsights.com/ Dave Chaffey

      Thanks for your comment Philip (and on Twitter), that’s a great suggestion.
      We’ll look to add that, but it probably needs a specialist on these tools – I did ask someone to add to this, but they didn’t make it. Could you recommend anyone?
      Cheers, Dave

  • Janine

    The SaaS software services seem very US focussed apart from Avail. Here in the UK the market leaders are an outfit called Peerius. I used them at Arcadia and no US equivalent quite seemed to get merchandising the way they did…just my two pennies.

  • jenlaw

    Epi Server CMS latest version also has a personalisation rules engine that we are just about to upgrade to.

    • http://www.smartinsights.com/ Dave Chaffey

      Thanks for adding this Jen – will be good to get that in place.


  • Janne Pamsgaard

    You should take a look at http://www.monoloop.com – I have found their platform to be easy to implement and use with predefined dynamic content elements. Their approach to extend the visitor profile requires no coding skills at all. Recommend that you take a look.

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  • http://mattrhysdavies.com Matt Rhys-Davies

    I know I’m joining the party a little late here, but am curious – are these all based on clickstream data? Or do they pull in data from other data points?

    • http://www.smartinsights.com/ Dave Chaffey

      Hi Matt, that’s right, they use referrer keywords, pages visited from analytics, but can also link to customer sales profiles so based on their interest categories.

  • Damien

    Both Sitecore and Kentico have built in tools to personalise content based on various rules, such as geo-location, search terms, referrers, lead scores and also provide more advanced personalisation based on user behaviour and profiles. Our company works with both platforms

    • http://www.smartinsights.com/ Dave Chaffey

      Thank you for the suggestion Damien, I have updated the post to include this category and will look at doing a full update.


  • sealeyd

    Throw in a couple of additional vendors for consideration:

    Baynote – Product recommendation engine
    Webtrends Optimise – Similar to test and target with a user friendly interface
    Monetate – Simple to use MVT and AB testing tool
    Endeca – Personalised search results

    Product recommendation engines are a funny set of tools as some are based around the product (e.g. you are viewing product A, therefore you may like B) whereas the more sophisticated products optimise based on customer profile (e.g. we know you are a female therefore we recommend product c).

    • http://www.smartinsights.com/ Dave Chaffey

      Thank you for sharing these too David. I think we need a Gartner Magic Quadrant to rate these now – these 4 are large/enterprise level, many in my original post are for smaller sites too.

  • LJ

    One I cannot see mentioned here is Cognesia. They have worked across a broad range of different sized businesses and sites for a number of years. http://www.cognesia.com

  • http://www.smartinsights.com/ Dave Chaffey

    And some more recommendations #ecomchat: http://ecomchat.org/

    According to Dan Barker, other options are: Peerius, PredictiveIntent, Barilliance, RichRelevance let you ‘pseudo-personalise’ product recommendations.

    Then there’s QuBit

  • Otto Ringborg

    Innometrics has avery powerful suite including personalization capabilities http://innometrics.com/product/personalization

  • olaf

    Nice info. I would also like to suggest Blueconic: http://www.blueconic.com/

  • Pavan Sudarshan

    We are working on something similar – NudgeSpot. http://www.nudgespot.com/personalize-website

  • Crystal Richard

    We use Evergage.com at our agency and love it. We’ve already noticed a huge spike in conversion and retention while using behavior-based, dynamic messaging. Would highly recommend signing up to try out their product.

    • http://www.smartinsights.com/ Dave Chaffey

      Thanks for the recommendation Crystal!

      That seems to have some useful integrations and more relevant to non-Ecommerce sites unlike the majority of tools above.

      • http://www.evergage.com/ Rob Michael Carpenter

        Thanks for the mention Crystal. We’re happy you are enjoying Evergage! I’ll get in touch.


        We have always been really focused on helping businesses personalize the entire customer lifecycle (not just at the top of the funnel), and truly get to know their users with behavioral analytics and segmentation. So, yes, SaaS and community websites have been the majority, but ecommerce has been coming around for us lately as well as more and more ecommerce sites are also becoming more interested in reducing “ecommerce churn” and creating repeat customers.

        A big difference with us vs most of the other tools listed here (besides our B2B oriented integrations) is that while we also provide personalization of any inline content on a website or within a web application (not just set containers), you can also create personalized on-site messages (pop ups, header bars, tool tips, etc.) to grab extra attention. These types of messages have helped the most with conversion rate optimization.

        - Rob, Dir. of Marketing, Evergage

        • http://www.smartinsights.com/ Dave Chaffey

          Hi Rob, thanks for the message, it would be interesting if you have some case studies or best practices to share via a guest post. If so, please get in touch via the contact us.

          • http://www.evergage.com/ Rob Michael Carpenter

            I have a few ideas… I’ll send them over referencing this thread soon.

  • Ulrik

    Here what you should evaluate:

    1. Does it provide fractional factorial MVT!
    2. Does it evaluate statistical significance of each test variant result?
    3. Does it allow to test agains a variety of metrics (Revenue, Avg basket value, Con rate%, etc)?
    4. Does the segmentation engine allow for any event to be added to a segment definition?
    5. Does the engine allow for tagging custom events?
    6. Does the tool allow for sequences of action to form a segment (ie. bought a hotel room in February, visited site within last 14 days, didn’t book another room?
    7. Does the tool allow for negative segmentation, ie. all users who have not bought an add on?
    8. Is the interface WYSIWYG?
    9. Does the tool allow for segmented test at all?
    10. Does the tool provide MVT Element important evaluation. Ie. the button was most influential in the MVT.

    • Ulrik

      Just to underline, several if the above key functionalities are NOT supported by some tools. Example Episerver7 and SiteCore does not allow you to know if your result has any statistical significance or to test on specific metrics other than “value” or conversions.

  • Josh

    I think everyone should check out Rekko.com — Really cool marketing technology and they offer a lot of flexibility in terms of A/B testing, personalization, behavioral targeting, real-time analytics and many more functions you would otherwise have to piece together from multiple vendors in the CRO and UX space.

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  • Valentin Radu

    Maybe you could consider our humble romanian bootstrapped tool we’ve built: http://www.marketizator.com – it does AB/MVT testing, surveys & advanced segmentation (weather, revenue, behavior, geolocation, etc) and also real-time interactions.

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  • Guest

    Looking for the best software other then disqus for comments. Any recommendations?

    • http://www.smartinsights.com/ Dave Chaffey

      It’s not Personalisation, but Livefyre is probably the best alternative or Janrain or Gigya for Social sign-in

  • http://4babyworld.blogspot.com/ doaa22
  • Timur Altman

    is an Amazon Cloud SaaS personalization and web analytics platform that allows websites of all types and sizes to
    engage online visitors in a deeply personal experience. Personyze received
    coverage from some of the best online resources such as Techrunch, Reuters,
    eWeek, and TheNextWeb.

    We offer all ( if not more) capabilities that Adobe and IBM with their systems, but without the integration headache and monstrous start up costs.

    As an industry leader, I believe Personyze should have a place in this article.

  • Guido Zecckine III

    Excellent information. Earned your site a bookmark for sure! Thanks.

  • http://www.EGAFutura.com Juan Manuel Garrido

    Awesome list!

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