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How does your website footer impact conversion?

How run-of-site template design features can make a large impact

Is this a question often asked by online marketers? When it comes to website optimisation is the footer something you usually consider? Well if it’s not, it probably should be; because how you use your website footer can have a major impact on conversion rates.

As part of a full conversion rate optimisation and UX-Driven MVT strategy, we conducted an A/B test for one of our clients, Radley+Co (the luxury hand bag people). It was a simple test, measuring how conversion and revenue would be affected by introducing a mega-footer containing the product list broken down into categories. Once our UX Designers had created the new version we used the Optimizely testing tool to implement this A/B test across every page of the website. We tested a smaller footer only featuring a simple one line navigation menu against a larger mega-footer. Both options included search bar, social links and logos to represent how payment is accepted:

Version A

Version B

The test came about following our quarterly ‘what to test’ workshops with the client where we discuss latest insights from recent tests, usability findings, analytics, competitor reviews and ideas from the clients’ internal teams.

For such a simple test, the results were pretty impressive. The winning version resulted in a 23.77% uplift in sales conversion and a 15.99% uplift in revenue per visitor.
I won’t ruin the results for you, so click here, where you can view both versions and have a go at guessing which version generated the uplift.

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