Digital Marketing Megatrends 2017

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Content marketing facts from the infographic

  • 26% + of B2B marketing budgets are invested in content
  • 79% of marketers use article publication as a tactic
  • 52% use video
  • 62% of companies outsource their content marketing
  • Brand awareness and customer acquisition are the two main goals of content marketing

Blueglass Interactive's new infographic combines tips on the type of content that works and features examples from brands who are making it work.

Content Marketing

By Chris Soames

Chris Soames is a Smart Insights blogger and consultant, he has worked in digital marketing for over 6 years with the last few years managing international web strategies for a leading travel brand. Now the Commercial Director at First 10, an Integrated marketing agency, he helps clients get clarity on their marketing strategy and create campaigns engineered to engage with their consumers to help drive sell-through. Most of all, Chris enjoys working with talented people who want to create great (& commercial) things not just tick boxes.

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