Facebook updates brand page layout – 26/04 update

Also adds Pages to Watch feature to enable competitor review


Recommended link: Facebook - New Brand Page Layout change

26th March update: The new layout still hasn't rolled out for us yet, but Facebook has posted a blog answering some FAQ about the new brand page layout. This suggests that apps will be in left hand column so may be more prominent than the previous grabs below suggested, so maybe good news. Is anyone seeing the new version yet?

This is big news since most brands now have a Facebook page which is a primary way of engaging with prospects and customers. Facebook have announced it will be changing the layout of the Facebook Brand Pages starting this week. Keep an eye out this week, as it is rolled out.

So what will it give us and look like?

Here is a glimpse from Facebook of the new streamlined Facebook page as applied to their Facebook for Business Page (it's not yet live on this page in the UK).


From this example below of the original brand page, it seems that Facebook apps (views) have lost their have lost visual call-to-action which will reduce engagement with new prospects - not helpful.


What are the new Facebook brand page features?

  • 1. New Page Timeline Design: One column on the right will display all your posts and news feed. Whereas, the left column will show news focussed on the business (ie.map, contact details, photos, videos, website etc).
  • 2. More accessible admin tools: The admin panel may be replaced with Top Navigation Tabs with access to Activity, Insight and Settings as shown below:


  • 3. New Pages to Watch: This is an Admin Tool where you can add competitor or partner pages (similar to your own) and compare performance. The 'Overview section' will provide key stats, including the most engaging posts.


We'll update this post again when the change is fully rolled out.

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  • Social Media Marketing commented on April 17, 2014

    Tabs is a major draw back for me, also can’t see where Messages are now in the
    new version.

  • Trevor Sanford commented on March 26, 2014

    Losing Tabs is a major draw back for me, also can’t see where Messages are now in the new version