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When should you start Influencer Marketing? [Infographic]

6 simple reasons why you should start to build Influencer Marketing into your Content Marketing strategy

Working in the world of digital is exciting, fast-paced, competitive and always changing. Every year we get presented with new trends and social networks to keep on our radar and brands want to explore new options. It's the nature of our industry. Heck, we even have Facebook support groups to prove it!

The last year has been a busy one for me. One filled with lessons and growth, and hundreds of Influencer Marketing campaigns. What I've learnt running Webfluential, an Influencer Marketing Platform, is that teaching someone why they should use your product is better than selling it to them. And what I've learnt about the Influencer Marketing trend, is that many marketers still aren't quite sure how it fits into their overall strategy.

When you work on your brand or campaign content strategies - you look at the end goals you need to achieve. Are you trying to build credibility, increase sales or encourage retention? For marketers who aren't quite sure when Influencers should come into play, we've created this cheat sheet to make things a little simpler.

If you're trying to achieve one of these six results, then connecting with relevant social Influencers might just be your next step!

influencer marketing getting started

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