Facebook will start pushing more adverts out to users due to running out of space in news feeds

Facebook has announced that ads will be pushed out on their messenger platform. Meaning Facebook will be pushing out more ads to its users. Messenger ads have been rolled out because Facebook's chief financial officer, Dave Wehner, admitted that the company was about to hit the limit of how many ads it can get into users' News Feed. Facebook began testing this feature last year with brands in Australia and Thailand, before fully expanding it to businesses globally. According to Techcrunch, later this month, a small percentage of users will start seeing ads in the Messenger app’s home tab. These ads will appear between the threads in your inbox, not in your conversations. By clicking the ad you will be taken to the company’s website or their Messenger chatbot. …

How to get 1,000 emails addresses in 3 weeks with Facebook Groups

I’ve been watching Facebook marketing groups for quite some time. I’m amazed at both the supportiveness of these communities and also the engagement. If you check out Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile, some of his more recent posts such as the first ever Facebook Communities Summit and announcement of Facebook’s quarterly results make it clear they can see the value in these groups and want to develop this area more. This year Facebook introduced some interesting features to groups. Here’s a quick overview: Linking Pages: linking your Facebook page with a group is a big one that many have been waiting for. All you need to do is add the ‘Groups’ tab…

How to use strategic targeting to boost your results from Facebook video ads

In March, I wrote about some of the most effective ways to ensure you create strong, brand-building creative for your Facebook video campaigns. With competition for attention at an all-time high, it’s never been more important to create content that is interesting, relevant and clearly branded to make consumers stop and take notice. The quality of the creative is absolutely essential and an area in which we should continually strive to optimise and improve. However for Facebook the importance of developing brand-building creative is closely followed by the level of rigour you dedicate to how and whom you target: In the second of our short series on how to make an effective Facebook video campaign, I’m going to take a look at some of the best practices for developing…

Chart of the Day: As Facebook hits 2 billion only 6% don't use a mobile device

Thirteen years after its launch, Facebook has now reached the impressive milestone of 2 billion monthly active users. And when you think there are only 7.3 billion people on our beautiful planet that figure becomes even more phenomenal. The fact more than 1 in 4 people in the whole wide world are using Facebook each month really does blow my mind. This got me thinking about how all these people were accessing Facebook. Most people I know use the App on their mobile phones but that's only a small sample of less than scientific data. In today's Chart of the Day, I'm going to look at the Users by Device data available from Facebooks own Audience Insights tool.

Global Facebook Users by Device

Globally 94% of Facebook users are accessing their account via mobile and with 63% using an Android device, which makes…

Original content with ads is set to change the way Facebook advertising works

Thirty-six years ago, MTV broadcast its first music video. The Buggles debuted their song Video Killed the Radio Star (a homage to new technology usurping old).  Four years later the channel promoted another Eighties band, Dire Straits, who sang how in return for the channel selling advertising items like microwave ovens custom kitchens, refrigerators and colour TVs, music videos on MTV rewarded rock stars with “money for nothin' and chicks for free”. Whilst the Buggles’ prediction of video killing radio did not come to fruition, the rise of social media – especially Facebook did manage to decapitate the head of attention time teenagers and young adults allotted to skimming content.  (From three minutes – the average music video length - to under eight seconds of flicking through selfies, emoticons and snappy messages). Now Facebook, which has over 1.9bn monthly…

Facebook launches new tools to make group admins lives a little easier

Facebook has rolled out some great new tools for group admins that will help them manage their groups more effectively. The aim of rolling out theses changes are to help group admins and moderators to save time and increase the amount of meaningful content to ensure the groups are adding value for Facebooks users. Mark Zuckerberg  described his vision of Facebook groups as: There is a real opportunity to connect more of us with groups that will be meaningful social infrastructure in our lives. More than one billion people are active members of Facebook groups. If we can improve our suggestions and help connect one billion people with meaningful communities, that can strengthen our social fabric. At the Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago, it was announced to some of the top group admins of Facebook that they are looking to provide…

Chart of the Day: Facebook's revenue per user increase 10 fold in 5 years

Facebook's drive to monetize itself has seen the social media titan raise its revenue per user from $2 to $19 in just 5 years. In this time Facebook has released many different advertising options for marketers to spend their budgets with. In the early days, we were using the advanced for the time demographic and 'likes' targeting options to serve ads via the news feed & the right-hand side area. But with the introduction more advertising features as well as adding Instagram to the mix, I can only see the gap between TV and Facebook becoming smaller and smaller. Now there are a wide range of ad options for Facebook. Which are: Retargeting - art of advertising to people who have visited your website before Messages - Contacting your audience with short messages on…

Chart of the Day: 47% of the 100,000 most popular sites now contain one or more Facebook technologies, giving Facebook unprecedented access to data and web traffic.

The results of a recent study from SimilarTech shows the scale of Facebook operation beyond its own domain, with insights on the platform's reach and exposure through the use of Facebook technologies, giving Facebook its competitive edge on audience data and referral traffic to its site.

This enormous audience reach has been achieved through the widespread popularity of the company's technologies and plugins such as ‘share buttons’ or ‘comment boxes’ on 3rd party sites which deliver traffic to Facebook and strengthens the presence of the Facebook brand across the web.

The most popular technologies from Facebook being used on the top 100k sites are Facebook Connect, followed by Facebook Social Plugin and Facebook's Like Button. 

Facebook helps customers shop more seamlessly

The way we shop is changing, we are driven to buy online more than ever before. For brands, this means they need to ensure they are in front of the customer when they turn to their screens. Google describe these moments as 'micro-moments' - and stress the importance of being there at the moment the consumer needs you. Google says: 'These micro-moments are critical touchpoints within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends.' It is crucial brands are seen at every touch point to increase the likelihood of purchase. Facebook recognised this need and offer a number of options for marketers to choose from to effectively reach their audience. One of their more recent launches was 'Facebook Collection'. A mobile-only ad format that allows advertisers to feature videos or photos of a product in a user's news feed with the objective…

Examples of engaging Facebook ads, and those that fail to stand out

The ultimate goal of any Facebook ad is to catch someone’s eye with the right combination of stunning visuals and compelling copy. You want the ad to stand out against the background noise of news, politics and status updates. And there is a lot of noise right now. The ad copy could be great but the visual has to be even better. Because that’s what will be seen first. Now that almost every news site, company page or blogger uses compelling visuals, standing out has become more difficult. But I have come up with a few tried and tested tips to help you create a winning Facebook Ad visual.

1.   Include A Product Image

If you are using a Facebook Ad to show off your product you should probably include a shot of your product. Right? In most other marketing channels that would be a no-brainer. But when it…

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