The growing importance of Email on mobile platforms [Infographics]

How many subscribers open and then click on your emails on different types of mobile devices?

The growth in mobile web access and the implications for mobile optimised web design is now well-known, but what about the implications for email marketers and email design?

Some new research by Pure360 Missing a moving target: Mobile device opens and click through rates summarised in this infographic reviews the impact across different sectors.

Litmus also have some great research on the popularity of accessing email over mobile - see their research at the end of this post.

For me, this data point from the infographic had the biggest impact, how does your mobile unique click to open rate compare?

28% of Emails are Opened on mobile devices...
but only 10% lead to clicks.

How-important-is-email-on-mobileThis research is based on detailed analysis of over 35,000 different emails sent by over 119 companies in 23 sectors.

The Litmus data on mobile email opens  shows the growth in mobile email platforms through time - it is now the major platform for open in their breakdown:


It's also worth checking out the excellent Litmus Email Client Share statistics which give another way of seeing the importance of mobile email today with Mail on iPhone, iPad and Android all within the top 5.


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  • Josh Hamit commented on August 14, 2013

    At Curve Interactive we have seen this trend first hand. Creating emails without mobile devices in mind is almost suicide!

    We have found open rates on desktop, mobile and tablets vary massively depending on the email list. Email lists that contain mostly personal email addresses, rather than work addresses, are often exceeding over 60% open rates on mobile!

    We are creating a lovely new inforgraphic at the moment to reflect the importance of this.

    Thanks for the share, Dave

    • And thank you for sharing Josh! If you’re interested in sharing some tips or examples in a guest post – do get in touch via the Contact Us!


      • Josh Hamit commented on August 19, 2013

        Hi Dave, thanks!

        When our research and new infographic is finished I’ll get in contact.

        Keep up the great work.


  • Martin Dower commented on August 8, 2013

    Good article. Responsive email is often overlooked and companies are really missing a trick here. We’ve got a substantial number clients where email opens on mobile devices exceeds 50% … the highest is over 70%

    • Thanks Martin, the figures speak for themselves, once you’re into double figures it has to be time to act. Even a lower tech skinny email can be an improvement.