Using a digital plan to support digital transformation

Where do you start if you want to develop a digital marketing strategy? Well, I don't think it needs to be a huge report, a strategy can best be summarised in two or three sides of A4 in a table linking digital marketing strategies to SMART objectives. Yet despite this, it seems that many organisations still don't have a plan.

Do you have a digital marketing strategy?

2017 Update: Since 2012 we have run an informal poll to see how widely used digital marketing strategies are. The results have shown some big improvements over the years. A few years ago we found around two-thirds to three-quarters did not have a digital marketing plan. Now that number has shrunk to 49% in latest survey, although that is still quite high, and means almost half are still doing digital with no strategy in place. When we did the research for…

Does your organisation have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy?

Our survey of digital marketers this year found that many businesses still aren't taking a strategic approach to digital marketing. In our Managing Digital marketing research in association with the TFM 2017, we asked last year 'Do you or clients have a digital marketing strategy", and only half of the respondents said yes! This year we wanted to see if people are getting better at thinking strategically about their digital marketing objectives and putting that strategy into action. We asked anyone who works in digital marketing to take our survey on managing digital marketing, which we ran in partnership with TFM and the eCommerce expo. We got over 750 responses to our survey, so thanks to those who took part! Here are the findings from this year's survey:

Is a digital strategy essential?

So, 49% of companies are working…

What can an ancient text do to help your digital marketing?

Sun Tzu's The Art of War is a widely studied piece of literature, so communicating its principles from reading it feels a little like learning to drive a car by watching a movie with a car chase in it. What I'd immediately remembered (from reading it 9-10 years ago) was that the book itself is short and powerful. Each chapter layers onto what was taught in an earlier chapter. Despite the title indicating otherwise, it's part science and part philosophy; it centres around the idea of winning without conflict, by competing based on position, not through 'warfare'. This is immediately powerful and relevant to marketers with experience in brand or marketing strategy. I think that you can summarise the whole book (very crudely) with two questions: How do I use information that is available to…

Don't get left behind with your Digital Marketing Strategy, follow these 7 Steps to Brilliant B2B Marketing!

Many Business-to-business (B2B) companies are already successfully getting great results  using digital marketing tactics like SEO, PPC, landing page creation, social media and email marketing linked to a CRM marketing automation system or a simple email autoresponse system. But often, B2B organisations are not getting the most from today's marketing since they don't have a planned approach based on an integrated inbound marketing plan. To create an infographic showing the latest research on how companies are using inbound marketing, we've researched how B2B companies are using digital marketing. The results across different studies show that while many companies are delivering brilliant results,  many could do more. Our updated infographic shows a planned approach based on our B2B digital marketing planning guide written by Rene Power and I for Smart Insights Business members. We originally published a similar infographic…

What we discovered about the growing use of digital media and tech which will inform our strategies for next year 

We are now well and truly into 2016. How time flies. The busy and hectic world of digital marketing always has its eyes on the year ahead, interested to see what the latest new tool will be or what exciting new developments some of the big platforms in digital marketing have in store. This is important, but it is also useful to remember how far we have come. With that in mind we thought we'd look back over our research and research from others published throughout 2015 and summarize some of the great insights about the state of digital marketing we have gleamed in 2015. [si_guide_block id="66150" title="Download Expert Member resource – Marketing Forecasting Techniques guide" description="In this guide we review the techniques which are most relevant to creating forecasts…

Use predictive modeling to give your campaigns an edge over competitors

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization’s 2015 State of Search Industry Report provides several valuable insights derived from both marketer and agency practices over the past year. The most useful conclusions center on three forms of advertising: paid search, social media, and display media. In general, marketers were more confident in managing paid search advertising efforts in-house, whereas social media advertising was a responsibility better left to outside agencies. This shows how marketers are often more comfortable managing “tried-and-true” tactics as opposed to navigating the more complex and fast-paced landscape of social media advertising. Throughout the report, a continuous theme emerges regarding success in measuring return on investment. For a paid search campaign, it’s a relatively easy task because the data and tools used to properly interpret those data are…

Working with your HiPPO

Data / analytics can be both liberating and restrictive but the one thing it will always do and do well is ensure we remain commercially focused. I was at a clients HQ for the first time 2 weeks ago and this quote summarises my belief about business and why being commercially minded is fundamental to success: “We need freedom to shape our future; we need profit to remain free”. This quote is the one thing that can unite teams if understood and even help with the subject of my blog post. I spent a lot of my junior marketing days in data analysis tools like Omniture & Google helping to craft my story of how me / my team were performing and to show our contribution to the business, it rarely went as I expected in the early days, but I learnt and learned fast, here are 5 ways I found to help me that I…

A visual summary of Smart Insights members' conference

Well that's a relief! I think it's fair to say our first conference went pretty well judging by the Twitter comments and other feedback. Many thanks if you attended the event and got involved in the sharing. I've compiled a quick "best of" starting with some general feedback and then looking at highlights of individual talks. If you're an Expert member of Smart Insights and weren't able to attend, we'll be making the slides available on the site next week, we'll let you know :) It was great we had a full-house and I was delighted to see attendees from many industries across Europe and beyond - I spoke to Smart Insights Expert members from Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy even Australia! and I think there were more countries besides. مؤتمر رائع جدا بحضور أحد أهم خبراء #التسويق_الإلكتروني في العالم @DaveChaffey #digitalimpact2014 …

Integrating online marketing into marketing communications is the key to success & longevity

The head of the world’s largest PR firm, Edelman, declared recently that the marketing industry has its business backward. That marketing has a “short-term and broken model”.  And, he’s saying, it doesn’t have to be this way. Where brands could originally only reach and stimulate consumers through advertising or promotional marketing, we’re seeing brands such as American Express, Coke, Red Bull and Dove all creating content rich stories, integrated into much wider campaigns, to enable connections in consumer news feeds. Annoyingly Edelman is pointing to “marketing” but referencing the advertising model specifically, but the point is still great if viewed in a wider context.

“I see the emergence of a new paradigm, which is ‘communications marketing’ instead of ‘marketing communications.’”

Richard Edelman, CEO, Edelman

Of course Edelman is encouraging a PR or journalistic mindset of ‘communications’ vs…

A round-up of our advice and alerts from June 2014

Colin Green, Marketing Director, Land Rover UK stressed the importance of integration when he stated that:

“Truly Integrated Marketing is the holy grail for the marketeer. ”

However, it seems that integration is easier said than done. Our research on Managing Digital Marketing showed that many are making efforts to improve integration across the many marketing channels today. Given these challenges, in our strategy posts this month we have focused on articles discussing how to improve integration.

Strategy and planning advice

Improving integrated digital marketing Three examples of integrated campaigns How to create an integrated marketing campaign

Social media marketing alerts

Talkwalker - a review of a new, free social media monitoring tool Influencer marketing - Bryony Thomas explains her recommended strategic approach to influencer marketing. 17 LinkedIn Profile tips - this infographic was one of our most popular…

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