Benchmarking content marketing

How are companies managing content marketing today?

Lee Odden gave a great webcast on Creative Content marketing for Smart Insights on the 12th April - thanks if you attended and many thanks Lee for your great insights! If you want to catch up on Lee's advice and examples you can review it at the end of this post.

A couple of quotes from Lee to live by in your content marketing that I picked out are:




I also wanted to share the results of some of the polls that Lee and I devised for the webcast. These Votes are good for increasing the interactivity in a webcast, but also give some really interesting insights into how companies are managing content marketing. Of course, these are just informal polls since we don't collect profile information at the same time, but we still hope they're useful to compare your approach to others.

This is what viewers on the webcast said:

1. Benchmarking content marketing maturity

Lee described the Altimeter framework for reviewing content effectiveness.

Here are the poll results:

This may be reassuring if you think you're not that advanced, but perhaps the advanced folks weren't voting!

2. Content marketing formats

Of course people will use a range of formats, but we could only ask about one, so we chose the technique used most commonly.

3. Engaging through content marketing

You may have seen our content marketing benchmarking matrix which we designed as a way of benchmarking the content marketing you offer against competitors and thinking of new types of content.

Here we asked companies where the bulk of their content lies. If most of your content is in one quadrant then you may be missing opportunities to support lead generation or sales.

4. Benchmarking management of content marketing

Finally, we simply asked people how they managed the creation of their content marketing. You can see that many people are managing content marketing in house.

If you want to explore more, here is the webcast...

and the Slideshare...

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  • Content marketing commented on April 19, 2013

    Yes, hybrid will be on top for shop. It’s an era of digital marketing.

  • Great roundup of the session Dave and brilliant idea to use the polls. Very insightful.

  • Zach V commented on April 15, 2013

    Agreed, In upcoming years, the figure will be exchanged in 4 Benchmarking management of content marketing.

    Hybrid will be on top. Because it is necessary to provide the current flow of promotions and its result. and which types of content will be useful.

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