An Inbound Marketing model for 2013 [New infographic]

Our content marketing blueprint - updated

It's almost a year ago since we created our blueprint for content marketing infographic - and with so much conversation now around the converging of digital and 'off-line' media, the proliferation of mobile and the increasing popularity of marketers talking about paid, owned and earned media we wanted to update our blueprint for 2013.

Paid, owned and Earned media meets Inbound Marketing

It's important to be alert to paid, owned and earned, in relation to content and inbound marketing. Especially owned media - this has to be a key priority in 2013. Without your own (ed) brand platform from which to both publish, and to which you want to drive traffic there becomes a far weaker case to create and promote content. Since how will you garner any traction with your consumer, show any conversion? This is the key area that we've updated our infographic from last year, as well as recognising that paid media plays a role too, to help amplify great content, tools and resources on your platform.

Please let us know how you find our model - thanks!

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  • joey commented on January 17, 2013

    This is the key area that updated our infographic..

  • Gareth commented on January 11, 2013

    Great article and graphic work Dan!

    This year we intend to apply what you said as it totally makes sense and we can see it working.


  • Nice!

  • Nice ‘n simple – just the way it is :)

    • Simple is difficult Stephen, so that’s a compliment! The fundamentals of CM are simple too, but the execution, when everyone is at it, weil…

      • As you say Dave, less is more, but not easy to achieve. Content Marketing is a busy and competitive space, but those who can let go of legacy and master the fundamentals will retain and grow their communities. The three main challenges are method, time and resource. You can’t think or behave like a traditional campaign manager or marketer any longer. Your frameworks are always very helpful – thanks :)