Evolution of the TV watching experience

Not only did social networks change the way we stay in touch with friends, read the news and interact with brands, but also the way we watch TV. These days, our TV watching experience is no longer limited to the span of your living room coach – you can stay on the line friends and fellow fans and share your excitement about a new episode of a favorite show or a sports event without leaving the room. So it’s not surprising that content producers want to see us more and more involved and following them online, as it gives them a wealth of opportunities to keep us hooked and pitch commercial offers at just the right time. All that is required besides a television is an Internet-enabled phone, tablet or laptop – in other words, a second screen that extends and enhances the content that…

Is your fashion store missing out on the potential of fashion apps?

Recent data released by Google confirms what we already know - mobile is the future of retail.  Over 64% of smartphone shoppers turn to mobile for ideas before heading out to shop and 1 in 4 mobile video viewers in the US have visited YouTube for help with a purchase decision.  While consumers may not always have access to a tablet or laptop, mobile is the one device that is always on, connected and in reach.  Mobile is the ideal platform to bridge retailer’s in-store and online experiences and is the perfect avenue for brand’s to communicate directly with the customer. Recent data released by Google confirm what we already know- mobile is the future of retail. Over 64% of smartphone shoppers turn to mobile for ideas before heading out to shop and 1 in 4 mobile video viewers…

Massive mobile tech trends that will impact marketing this year

You want your small business to make it in 2017; you better be aware of the mobile technology trends that are redefining how companies sell and market their products, advertise, or directly operate on a day to day basis. Change and new technology can be intimidating, but the reality of the situation is that for every business that resists change, there are two of its competitors who are embracing it. If your company doesn't embrace the change brought on by mobile technology, your business will become a flip-phone in a smartphone world. It’s a new year, so it’s the perfect time to try something new with your business, and a mobile app should be one of those things. Chances are, you are already reading up about the industry-specific trends that will affect you. Mobile apps are no different, except they are changing…

A case Study showing how to use App Store listing testing to boost downloads

On my first day at work my CEO at CallApp gave me a compelling challenge when he turned to me and said, “We need to increase the numbers of users downloading our app on day seven (an acceptable measuring metric), as quickly as we can." The first thing I did was analyze the numbers in order to figure out where I should put my efforts in order to maximize the results and show improvement. After crunching the numbers, I decided that the best place to start was in trying to improve our conversion rate in Google Play Store. I will try to give you an idea of why I chose this route and what store conversion is all about. There are several options for downloading the app but the most common is through Google Play Store (for android users).…

Chart of the day: customers delete smartphone applications mostly because the app is not useful

A study of over 2,000 app users found that users delete the app because it's either taking up too much space on their device or the app uses lots of data. Bugs and dislike of the ads in the app were also issues for users, as well as too many promotional issues.

Key takeaways:

It's important to make app content relevant, as encouraging customers to download your app is the hard bit, keeping them in important. It's best not to just create an app, it needs to be relevant and useful, just having an app is not good marketing. Source: MarketingSherpa Customer Satisfaction Research Survey  Sample: 2,400 consumers Recommended resource: Read more about marketing your app or building your first app  …

Examples showing how Chatbots will become an increasingly important marketing app in the future

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is one of the top trends in digital marketing for 2017. At the same time, we are seeing a reduction in demand for apps, particularly as the largest platforms are reaching saturation. You could say that chatbots are the new apps; the new customer service reps, not to mention the new support system for marketers. In future, more people will turn to chatbots to manage their daily chores, be it ordering a ride or a pizza. Often these are built within Messenger apps themselves. In fact, the rise of bots could be plainly attributed to increasing usage of messenger apps. According to Forester, people spend a staggering 85% of their time using the top messenger apps including Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack and…

Search Ads are just the beginning of a big year for Apple.

The public-facing changes made to the App Store in Fall 2016 have been nothing short of monumental, but for Apple the shift marks only the beginning of a new methodology for interacting with developers and consumers. As we roll into 2017, Apple’s recent updates will begin to solidify into a new App Store hierarchy, one which will include Search Ads as a core pillar and send a friendlier message to developers. App Store Optimization experts have been preparing for a major shift in the App Store for some time now. After all, Google introduced Search Ads to the Play Store in February of 2015, themselves following in Facebook’s footsteps. Apple is methodical, though, and the inevitable rollout of ads has come to impact the entire App Store experience. First, the ads themselves. Over 65% of all app installs originate…

The key things to remember when developing a mobile app

In a world where 80% of Internet users choose their smartphone as their primary means of connection, there’s a need for creative and innovative app ideas. The best news about this rising number comes when you break it apart. Smartphone use is breaking the age barriers as well. In fact, 27% of the 65+ population has begun using smartphones as a means of staying connected. What that means to you as a creative entrepreneur is that there is no limit in the type of app you can create. So, if you have an innovative idea that can service the needs and solve the problems of any generation, there’s no limit. You just need to commit the steps of getting your app from your mind to the shelves. Here are 12 easy steps to follow in order to do so.

1. Set an Attainable…

Certifications that will tell you if App designers are worth their salt

Finding a mobile application developer has never been easier. All it takes is a quick search on a freelance website to find hundreds of app designers who are ready to take on your project at a budget-friendly price. Oh,  – if only life was that easy. Out of those hundreds of potential candidates, only a handful actually have the qualifications and experience to build a fluid app that works well across multiple operating systems. Don’t trust your project to a low-cost amateur; you’ll almost certainly wind up wasting your time and money. Instead, look for a developer who has the certifications that match your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the most sought-after certs, and why they’re so important:

App Certifications That Convey Talent, Experience and Reliability

Information technology is…

More than half of app users allow push notifications

Every wondered just how many app users enable push notifications? Well, wonder no more. It's crucial in the busy mobile app marketplace to use notifications sensitively to increase engagement and retention of app users, so this benchmark stat is surely good news to many app developers and marketers. Data: MIDIA Research Source: https://www.midiaresearch.com This chart has been produced with data from 5 leading app vendors, which represent over 65,000 apps worldwide. Further insights from MIDIA Research also include: Travel and transport sectors have the highest push notification opt in rates. As opt in rates vary across verticals some sectors such as food and drink suffer low opt in rates, which could be because the app content isn't time or location specific. More apps than ever are asking users to allow push notifications, which although rates are currently stable,…

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